FF2012: GWJFFL Week 14

Welp, Gostkowski and the Patriots D come up short for me.

Not that I really expected ~27 points out of the pair... although they did reach that level in 3 of the past 4 weeks...

My team in Keeper was by far my weakest fantasy team this year. I'm happy to have gotten them into the playoffs. I knew they were not a championship team, but I was hoping to squeeze a playoff win out. Ah well, I'll settle for the playoff berth.

Looks like I just squeaked past Elliott in the Keeper league to make the 2nd round, where I will be matched up against JollyBill. I feel like my team has a chance to New York Giants this thing (6th seed to Super Bowl winner). I am 2nd in PF and 1st in PA, so history says Bill should have an epic week against me.

In Platinum, Elliott gets his chance for redemption in the consolation bracket. This is one that really matters because winning the consolation bracket gets you $15

It's been fun! See you next year! I started off great but then degraded big time over the course of the season.

Alright I move on in my bid to be the best loser! $15.00 here I come!

See you guys next year!

Does Platinum have relegation?

ukickmydog wrote:

Does Platinum have relegation?

Yes. It is the top tier of the ladder. Of course, as with all of the leagues, relegation is driven by promotion; and since promotion into Platinum (or any of the leagues for that matter) is optional (e.g. not everyone wants to jump up to a pay league), there's no guarantee that folks will be relegated out of Platinum.

So I won my first consolation ladder game. That means I'm safe from relegation to Silver right?

Hope David Wilson's last game is a sign of years to come and justifies my relatively high pick of him in Dynasty.

Stele wrote:

So I won my first consolation ladder game. That means I'm safe from relegation to Silver right? :?

The rules[/url]]A.Relegation: If positions for promotion do not come available through natural attrition (i.e. teams leaving the league), the rules for relegation from the upper divisions will be implemented. While the simplest solution would be to say that the bottom two teams (#11 and #12 at the end of the regular season) will be relegated, we like to make things a little more interesting here in the GWJFFL. Essentially, two of the bottom three teams (as determined by the final regular season rankings) will be relegated, based on their post-season performance.

i.Since it is possible, due to various factors, that only one team will relegated, we first compare the performance of the bottom two teams (i.e. #11 and #12). Whichever team has the worse post-season record will be relegated. Ties are won by the higher-ranked team.
ii.Should a second team need to be demoted, we then compare the post-season records of the remaining two teams (i.e. #10 and whoever is left). Ties are again won by the higher-ranked team.

In short, it depends. Clicking through to Gold, it would seem that, as #11, your post-season performance is already better than #10 and #12, so yes, you're safe from relegation.

Edit: Had #12 hypothetically won his first-round game, then you'd have the edge but would not yet be guaranteed safety, since if he'd won a second game and you lost your second, you'd be second in line for relegation and not him.

Holy crap I won a playoff game!

Only 2 weeks left!