Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Fairly big update that adds customization:

Other changes are as follows:

* Server browser fixes!(Tabs works better, favorites work better, browser now uses the Steamworks library optimally and is less likely to make your router cry, etc)

* Tavern map length reduced to 10 minutes.

* Stamina drain from successfully parrying attacks slightly reduced.

* Vanguard primary weapon knockback values toned down.

* Two-hander flinch duration down from 1.1 to 1.0.

* Special daze duration down from 2 to 1.8.

* Crossbow projectile speeds are lower, and the difference between light and heavy crossbow is less drastic.

* Corrected Bardiche sprint attack being .15 faster than other sprint attacks.

* Flail overhead windup from .55 to .5.

* Heavy Flail overhead windup from .6 to .55.

* Spear slash windup from .425 to .475.

* Spear stab windup from .575 to .6.

* Brandistock slash windup from .45 to .5.

* Brandistock stab windup from .55 to .6.

* Fixed the attack grunt sound sometimes desyncing and playing after a late feint server-side.

* Fixed several map exploits.

* Fixed flinch disabling dodge if it occurs in an attack windup.

* Fixed counterattacks maintaining a parry box and blocking attacks during your counter.

* Fixed movement slow persisting after canceling a bow draw.

* Fixed crossbow forced reload after being hit.

* Fixed rebinding primary attack breaking the scoreboard keybind.

* Fixed some broken assets on various maps (missing collision/textures/etc.)

* Fixed missing Norse Sword icon and Falchion model in weapon select.

* Fixed the furthest target in the archer tutorial being unhittable.

* Fixed peasants spawning with weapons

* Fixed peasant death animations

* Fixed peasant hats turning into helmets when shot off with arrows

* Fixed objective labels (Mason messages were being display for Agatha objectives)

Been back into this in a big bad way. Other than the weird ping issue on higher population servers I think this game is in a great place right now. Had good times playing with Ranalin last night. I'd love to get a group of 3 or 4 together to properly bash heads.

Free weekend on Steam and it's on sale for $6.24.

YES, gunna play the free weekend, and see if its gets to stay on my Top 5 Wish List. Cant wait.

Yeah! Free Steam weekend PLUS pre-order of Deadliest Warrior expansion gets you in the beta!

I've been enjoying this with every free moment since I found out yesterday.

So far my favorite mode is MultiTeam Deathmatch. It's best when the server has at least 30 people in it and an even distribution of players. There are large maps to accommodate these larger numbers and it commonly turns into pockets of combat between two, sometimes three classes.


There a significant upgrade in animation quality and much more variation between each weapon, even for the same class.

I think my favorite class/weapon setup is the Viking with two small weapons. The Viking can switch between using a weapon and shield or dual wielding his primary and secondary (unless he's using a 2 handed weapon). Almost every viking weapon can be thrown and retrieved as well! In the image below I'm swinging both of my weapons vertically in a combo swing after a single right arm horizontal swing.


The two weapons:

Just looking at the Viking there are many more animations than the vanilla game since your combos can come in single or dual wield depending on weapon choice and attack choice.

The Pirate can use a gun as his primary and/or secondary weapon. I didn't see any pirate without a gun, they were pretty easy to handle though slow to reload. The pirate's animations seem to be the least complete, they look kind of silly transitioning from firing to reloading.




Shot wide left, this is gonna hurt:

Samurai have a bit less armor than a knight but are faster as well. Almost every samurai chooses the bow as their secondary, it's their only ranged option. I really like their two handed weapons.


Samurai vs viking:

I found the Spartan to be easiest with the javelin and very difficult with the sarissa. I think the sarissa is the longest melee weapon in the game, I just couldn't get used to it.

A brother spartan and I gutting a knight, that's a javelin:

Here is the sarissa, you can't see the shield attached to it because I'm sprinting but the thing is ridiculously long:

Here's a cool shot of my shadow as a pirate jumping off a bridge to avoid two ninjas:

Here is my full set of pictures, this set will be updated randomly:

Also a couple pictures on Steam, here's what the ninja claws look like:

Here's a five minute gameplay video of the Samurai:

I'm enjoying the Chivalry Deadliest Warrior Beta as well. I played about 16 hours so far and tried all of the new classes.

  • The samurai feels a bit overpowered at the moment. You have the weapons and range of the vanguard with the armor of a knight. I went 44-17 in a ffa the first time playing the samuari with the pole sword.
  • Ninjas are fun and sneaky. They remind me of the elf from the Shadowrun fps game. I think they're missing a backstab option to one-hit unarmored pirates.
  • Speaking of pirates, I thought that they would be out of place for a melee game with their guns. It didn't turn out that way due to the fuse mechanism. You don't shoot right away when you press the trigger and the reload time is as slow as reloading a crossbow. Pirates can also hold their own in sword duels by avoiding hits. Their pull back back, stab forward attack always throw me off.
  • The viking is a fun class to play with the weapon speed bonus on combos. They also have the most damage dealing weapons in the game currently.
  • The spartan is my current favorite class to play. There's just something about screaming "Sparta", charging forward while throwing a spear and attacking with shield bash.
  • The knight plays similarly to the knight in C:MW. I felt right at home playing this class. It's weird to be able to wield a crossbow now as a knight but it is useful as a secondary to fight those range weapons. The only other video I have up right now is playing as a knight. I was level 37 in C:MW before I stopped playing but the combos and timing still felt natural.

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Has anyone picked this up when it was on Steam sale?

Here's one minute of kills! Sorry for the low quality, I found and fixed the issue after this recording.

Anyone playing Chivalry 2? Just got it on steam and having a lot of fun. Dying lots but playing the objectives and feeling helpful, sorta.

Yea i've been playing it off/on since launch. The latest updated just added calvary which can be a bit crazy once getting the hang of it.