LEGO Batman 2 Catch-All

So... can't find a topic for this. Anybody else got it?

Picked it up with the Harry Batman Pack at Amazon recently and just started playing co-op with the wife tonight.

Infinitely better than the first game so far. Just three levels in. But the dialogue adds a lot. The split screen is a fantastic addition. No more asking each other to come this way or that way. We can just smash and explore to our hearts' content.

Just played up to the part where Superman showed up, and was laughing a lot at his entrance.

Also, holy crap the PC version looks so good. I seriously doubt there was this much improvement between the first and 2nd games on console. Since it was so cheap, I managed to put this on the big screen in the living room with a really long HDMI cord and we could still play coop with my two PS3 controllers hooked up to the PC.

Now I'm really seeing the need for Steam Big Picture again so I don't have to reach over to the PC to fire up the game.

I haven't gotten the full game, yet, but enjoyed the demo. I'm a sucker for the simplicity of the LEGO games. The console version looks quite good, too. Between this and Lord of the Rings, it's kind of amazing to think back to LEGO Star Wars on the old Xbox and look at how far Traveller's Tales has advanced.

I plan on picking this up after I've explored every nook and cranny of Lord of the Rings' LEGO Middle Earth.

I just finished the first level so I won't comment about the gameplay yet, but the visuals are absolutely stunning on the PC. This is my first LEGO game on the PC -- do they ALL look this great?!

I've played through all of the LEGO games except for Harry Potter (and played the stuffing out of the first LEGO Batman for both 360 and PSP). I'm getting LotR for the Vita as a holiday gift, but if this Batman 2 on the PC is any indication, I think that will be my last of these for any console.

I'm not ashamed in the least to profess my love of the Lego games. They've all been good solid fun platformers, with nifty and unique mechanics in each, and generally very true to the content they're representing. Also, watching my little Lego character build something from a pile of bricks really strikes a nostalgic chord with me. I thought the mumbling/pantomime actions that the earlier games did was incredibly endearing, and originally believed that the departure for that in favor of real voice acting in Lego Batman 2 & Lego LOTR was going to ruin the franchise... but it totally works great.

I played through Harry 5-7 and Batman 2 on PC a few weeks ago, courtesy the incredibly amazing Harry Batman deal from Amazon, and it was definitely worth every penny, and I'm eagerly looking forward to LOTR, perhaps sometime after Christmas...

Edit: I wonder if there's really enough conversation about Lego Batman 2 specifically to warrant a dedicated thread... or should this just be a general Lego game catch-all?

Don't know merph. I know there was a LEGO Batman 1 thread. But I think it was 1-2 pages at most.

I'd be ok editing and making this a LEGO Games thread I guess. Since I will probably be playing LEGO Harry Potter sometime soon, after Batman is finished. That Harry Batman pack was too good to pass up.

Original LEGO Batman front page article[/url]]The first million is the hardest.

-- Unknown

Just gonna drop this here since it's the most recent related thread:

TT[/url]]- 14.4 million copies sold since it launched in 2008
- Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has sold 3.4 million copies since launch
- original LEGO Batman sold 11 million units

That's freaking impressive.

Also, LEGO Batman 2 is coming to WiiU and some other new MMO, (which is not the now dead LEGO Universe) is in the works.

Guess that's what happens when you put it out on every available platform, for the first game to sell 11 million.