Is the impending 'new generation' changing how you play games?

This extended generation is the first I've experienced from beginning to end, and the first where consoles are my principal gaming source. Im staring at a pile of about a dozen unplayed games and there's a list of at least another twenty games I want to play before we even get into whats due next year.

I'm working on the assumption that at least the 720 will drop next holiday, that it wont be backwards compatible, that I'll really want one, and being realistic Ill probably replace the 360 with it.

So with the clock running out, I find Im cutting my loses on some games Im not loving but might otherwise return to on a rainy day, I find I'm contemplating playing games on easy so I can power through more quickly, and looking at the list facing the reality that I wont ever play several of them.

So how are you planning on spending the last year of the current generation?

I just got an xbox360 to play with my son. After the issues with the release of the current generation of consoles (see also: red ring of death), I am going to take my time in joining the cool kids.