LFG Alabama

Oh yeah, and I have the basics: Catan and expansion, Carcassonne and Inns and Cathedrals, TTR, Axis and Allies, Andemic, etc. I'm guessing there won't be much interest in these gateway games, but I'll definitely bring them if anyone wants.


All, I've been chatting with Manta on BGG. I live in SE HSV and would like to join the fun if possible. A buddy of mine in Madison is also interested. We're both RPGers and he's a video gamer. We're both interested in board games and some mini gaming, but our exposure has been limited. I've been dying to try Lords of Waterdeep but would be up for anything.


David, you guys are welcome to join us. Send me a PM with you and your friend's contact info and I'll email you guys with the details. I'll be sure Waterdeep is there as well.

I also have a copy of waterdeep. Never been played.

Hey, Carcassonne is probably the one game that I'm always in the mood to play. I've already made my usual group hate it.

Everyone should have the details now. If not, speak up. See everyone on Saturday.

Had fun guys. JS Joust was better than I thought it would be. I understand now why everyone likes it so much.

So I was hoping to throw out the next best time for me. February 9th. Anyone interested?

Anyone free this weekend for anything?

Hey guys, seen your post a BGG and looking for a group my-self. Are you still meeting?

Yeah occasionally. Seems to be on the order of once a month, but I think nothing in June so far.

I think I'm free on July 6th if you want to get something started. Send me a PM with your preferred email and I'll copy you on an email to everyone (seems to be our preferred method for arranging times and locations).

Also welcome to GWJ.

Also in Decatur. Just got into board games after many years playing Magic. Have Eclipse, Netrunner, Summoner Wars, Tsuro, Mage Wars (also have LOTR:LCG and Mice & Mystics, but the wife barely lets those out of the house).

We are planning on meeting Saturday at 2 this weekend if you are game. It will be nice to not be the only one from outside of Huntsville.

PM me your email address and I will add you to the email chain going at the moment.


So just bumping this thread since the last few months this has been an email chain.

November 9th is a good day for me... I think... lol

Anyone game?

It's been almost a year since we first put our little meetup together, and it feels like it's time to do it again. If you're interested in spending an evening playing board games in the Huntsville/Madison area sometime in the next month or two, speak up!

Edit: hah, you beat me to it. I'll be at a friend's birthday party in the evening of the 9th, but it works for me if we're talking about earlier in the afternoon that day.

Randomly bumping since I just re-bumped the BGG thread.

A few of us, well most of us I guess... have been playing D&D NEXT and I've been loving it. I would say we needed to schedule a new normal boardgame event, but Tennessee Game Days is coming up so it might be April before we get a chance for non-D&D unless someone is highly motivated.

Random bump for the new 5E release.

I should try to get the group back together to run the starter set. (Which I just bought.)

Cross post from BGG to keep everything updated.

Started a G+ group for this, found a few interested parties for my side of the state. Thought I would post the link here.

Also, a new meetup group started for the Shoals area.

I'm planning on getting a 5 edition group going soon if anyone here is interested. Most likely in Florence or Decatur, depending on everyone's preference.

I live in Russellville and work in Florence. Do you have a group that meets regularly? I'd be interested in getting together for some board gaming. It's easiest to reach me on BGG, username is hardcase.

We did get a meetup group, g+ group and facebook group going.

I have even started DM'ing in Florence's FTW store every other Wednesday for 5th edition.

This weekend there is a small convention in Sheffield too. It looks like there will be board games and I think it will be fun for that part at least.

I'll copy this post over to bgg when I get the chance.