Donation Items for Child's Play Auction

We're deep into the planning for RavenCon, and are turning our attention to the silent auction for Child's Play. We have already lined up several pretty cool items for the auction, but are looking to expand the selection.

I know we have a few games developers, designers, industry folks and generally creative people in the GWJ crowd. If you're one of them and wouldn't mind donating an item to be auctioned off for Child's Play, please let me know. We'd greatly appreciate it!

If you know someone you think would be interested that isn't on the boards, please let me know that as well.

We're really pushing to raise $5-10k for Child's Play across the entire RavenCon event. Perhaps an ambitious goal for our first year out of the blocks, but with your help I'm sure we can do it.

Thanks in advance!