NFL Losers Pool: Week 12

karmajay: Raiders, Browns, Jaguars, Bengals, Chiefs, Panthers
Kush15: Chiefs, Browns, Jaguars, Cardinals, Panthers, Lions
willhouse4078: Eagles, Bengals, Cowboys, Jaguars, Bears, Lions
LeapingGnome: Cowboys, Rams, Jaguars, Browns, Chiefs, Cardinals
Zaque: Raiders, Redskins, Jaguars, Browns, Rams, Lions
Elliottx: Raiders, Jets, Jaguars, Bills, Chiefs, Chargers
HansomB1derful: Raiders, Rams, Jaguars, Bills, Jets, Chargers
Secret Asian Man: Raiders, Ravens, Cardinals, Cowboys, Chiefs, 49ers

[u]Week 12 Schedule[/u]

Houston at Detroit

Washington at Dallas

New England at NY Jets

Minnesota at Chicago

Oakland at Cincinnati

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

Buffalo at Indianapolis

Denver at Kansas City

Seattle at Miami

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Baltimore at San Diego

St. Louis at Arizona

San Francisco at New Orleans

Green Bay at NY Giants

Carolina at Philadelphia

Week 12 Picks
karmajay: Jets
Kush15: Raiders
willhouse4078: Jets
LeapingGnome: Vikings
Zaque: Vikings
Elliottx: Dolphins
HansomB1derful: ?

I know S.A.M. is still waiting on the 49ers tonight, but I figured I would set this up now.

Give me the Jets




Willhouse and Karma move on. The Jets lost so bad, I almost feel like they deserve a pass on the next two weeks

But they don't, they have to pick like everyone else who moves on.

Tough games this week. I will take the Vikings.

I thought we had already done this. I'll keep my pick of the Vikings

Hansom might be forced to take the Sunday or Monday night football game.

Elliot is out with the Dolphins winning, and I move on with the Raiders losing. Both Gnome and Zaque move on with the Vikings getting spanked by the Bears.