Computer Hardware Issues: Not reading DVDs and Soundcard

I reinstalled Windows 7 and since I've done that my DVD drive isn't reading DVDs and the soundcard works but no voice chat can be done. I think it's just an issue with needing updated drivers/firmware but I'm not able to locate the model numbers (these parts are 4 years old now). I have an LG DVD super multi, lightscribe securdisc DVD drive/burner and the soundcard I'm not sure on. Any help in finding these model numbers? I looked under device manager and they were not listed there. Just generic SATA drives

Not reading any DVD? Not even recognising the disc, or is it not playing video DVDs? (in which case try an alternate player like VLC)

For the soundcard, if all else fails (i.e. you can't pop the case and look at it for identification/model number), in device manager you should be able to go to properties on the unknown device, details tab, and look at the hardware Ids, will give you some things you can google, which should be unique to that hardware. For example "PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_82B71043&REV_00" gets a lot of hits for an Asus Xonar D2X, which it is.

Not reading any DVDs. It opens/closes but when I put in a DVD nothing happens

the soundcard is working. still no luck with the dvd drive.

What about other disc types? CDs, burned CDs, etc?

Is the drive spinning up the disc and looking for a disc. If you can listen to it for a while after the disc is loaded, can you hear a little repetitive sound, that might be the laser trying and failing to focus.

Sounds like the drive worked fine before installing Windows 7, so I doubt it is a hardware issue. If you don't see a model number on the front of the drive, you'll need to open the PC and check the back of the drive, I'm sure it will have a label with the model number. Since it shows in the device manager this is probably not needed but while you have it open you might as well check and confirm that all of the cables are seated securely.

is your Optical drive a PATA/IDE drive? If so it might be connected to a addon controller as opposed to the native Intel or AMD chip. If so you would need to load up its drivers before the Optical would be recognized...Even in a SATA world.. usually only the first 6 SATA ports are native to the Intel/AMD chipset.. the other 2 or 4 are a 3rd party controller than need a driver.