Random Thoughts - 11/23/12 - Long Post

*I didn't think this was on the level of controversy to be put in the other forum. If it is, please move it.

I consider myself somewhat of an equal opportunity disliker of things. It’s not because of your race or religion (or whatever), it’s because you are a jerk or you do something stupid. Or worst of all, you are a hypocrite.

Politicians, well I don’t know if I trust the lot of them. So it’s a decision on who will do the least harm. I really don’t like that as an option, but with a two party system, there are no angels and there are no devils. We are all in purgatory in some form or another.

I don’t have a problem with successful people that make money. They earned it. I have a problem with people who think because someone else has more than them, they should get some of the benefits of that other person's hard work. Support the needy, not the lazy.

As for business, since the industrial revolution we have been creating efficiencies that allow things to be built, distributed and consumed faster. It has become our nature as people to want what we want now. So business caters to that. For those of you younger than 30 (or so) try to imagine that the internet and cell phones didn’t exist. Movies, well you went to a theater or were lucky enough to own a VCR (some of you may need to Google that last one).

It isn’t so much that the richer are richer, or the poor are poorer, it might be there are three billion more people on the planet now than when a lot of us were growing up. The planet can’t really continue to party with our bacterial level of growth.

People and governments and even businesses have adapted to this. They consolidate, change how they run on the margin and create business delivery models that cater to the best and cheapest way to deal with the masses.

When I grew up in the wonderful world of Temecula (don’t ask), there were two very small markets. If you wanted to pay cheaper prices are better yet, get more of a variety of products you drove 30 miles away and found what was then considered a real grocery store. By today’s standards, that same grocery store would be a joke. Then one day a real grocery store came to town. Other than the people that owned or worked at the local grocery stores, I think everyone in the metropolis called Temecula rejoiced. But yes, it did hurt some businesses. Should we tilt at the rainbows or embrace and enjoy the changes that progress brings. Is that progress good for all people, no? Is it good always, no. But the market decides its success or failure. If people don’t go down the road of this decision it fails. If you need examples, look at the hundreds of millions of dollars lost by the dot com boom. The market decided.

I actually try not to get into facebook and politics. The last election still bothers me, but the masses in some form or another decided. If person x had one, then the resulting conspiracy theory would be y. So, pick your person and theory and move on, either happy or not. Most of you know my stand on this.

What bothers me the most is that as a country we don’t challenge the status quo. We accept it with our fast-food, reality shows and 1200 TV channels to placate us into a coma. But we sure will complain when we don’t like something that affects us. If it affects someone else, oh well, they probably deserved it.

I deleted around 100 people from my "friends" list the other day. So far none of them have noticed or said anything. Mostly because they don’t know, don’t care or think I am a jerk (trust me, you aren’t the only one).

The government should never be your daddy or mommy, if you think it is I pity you. If you want the government to control all the things that offend you, well then you scare me. For everything that offends you that you want changed, someone else wants things changed about you. It is a vicious cycle that has no winners, only slaves to the tyranny.

You should be offended at times, you should be challenged at times, you should not agree with everyone, and everyone should not agree with you. We need to look at other points of view to determine why we like or don’t like a thing. There is no excuse for violence in disagreement between civil people. There is no excuse for the calling of mass destruction to a people because you don’t agree with them. If you think that is justifiable, then you are part of the human race that will be the death of us all. A few people with a few bombs and a few disagreements will change the planet forever.

I am not trying to be negative. Actually not trying at all. But as the Lords of the New Church once said, Open Your Eyes See the Lights Right In Front Of You.

Or close your eyes and accept to be ruled by those that promise you everything and ultimately deliver nothing.

I invite you to join us in P&C, DT. Sounds like you might like a good verbal duel.