Shameless Link: Gaming Made Me on RPS

What a fantastic article this is.

In short, it's about Patricia Hernandez's coming of age, seen through the lens of Fallout 2. While I've never been an immigrant lesbian, I also found apocalyptic visions of America's future appealing as a teenager. Red Dawn and Fallout were powerful influences, and I still think of the work that Interplay did as being essential to anyone who considers themselves a gamer of the Old School.

(This is also a hard act to follow, but I have to imagine that our little corner of the web has its share of folks who could write a mean article on gaming's influence on their personality.)

The post-apocalyptic theme was one I got into hard as a teen, and Fallout 2 was but one entry in a long line of games and movies. I can vividly recall many a night where a marathon session of Fallout was preceded by a viewing of The Road Warrior. The single concept that everything that is could be altered so radically and suddenly as to render a once familiar place so alien and hostile was fascinating. I say was, I could just as well say still is. It don't think that awe ever goes away.

Excellent read. Thanks, Hippy. Now, I have a certain movie to watch. It's been too long.

I read this the other day and posted it in a P&C thread. It is a really great read.