Planetside 2 Catch-All

Pretty much, they spent an awful lot of time and money making a console port that no one really wanted. And it's been a chain of bad decisions ever since. At one point they completely overhauled the flight controls for ESFs to be worse for no real reason. They kept blatantly releasing new overpowered items only to nerf them later. And they never did solve the hacking problem, it's been bad from day one but these days they can't even afford to pay someone to pick up the phone let alone read the abuse and bug reports.

It's a shame because it's still unequalled in terms of scale. I think it would have done better vs games like Battlefield if they pared down the maps to maybe a third of their size and kept the player count the same.

Well, PC version still has players I think.

I would absolutely love to play in a game world you describe Tamren, but I don't think it would be feasible, or at least not without using some kind of force to prevent players from bunching up too much. (I assume you mean 'continent' when you say 'map').
It's amazingly freeform gameplay is a great strength however.

While it does take a while to get one's loadout perfect, this game has two infantry modes - 1) be a more cunning SOB than the other guy or 2) be a better brick in the wall than the other guy. Equipment can help, but learning tactics is better.

I think the biggest shame about planetside is that you have such a large battlefield and so many different tactical possibilities, yet you only ever play out a tiny fraction of them. Every continent has dozens of main bases and outposts and draws a complex web of terrain between each point. But your chances of fighting over any given battlefield are virtually nil. Unless you have a central point where all three factions become involved battles tend to be completely one sided, or a complete and utter stalemate. Anyone who has played PS2 in the past can probably remember the old three-way Crown clusterf*ck on Indar back when it only had a single entrance.

The best battles I can remember were always a product of the terrain being fought over. I once parked a sunderer on the big stone arch on Indar, within 30 seconds a horde of players poured forth, ran to the edge of the nearby cliff and either started firing rockets down at the tanks below, or just jumped right off the edge to assault by jetpack. There was another battle deep in the swamp on hossin where snipers were lurking on top of massive trees and I spent almost 20 minutes stalking this one infiltrator until I finally countersniped him off a tree branch with a perfect headshot. That was pretty freaking cool. But these days with the low population numbers and the fact that players can build their own base anywhere on the map, I think terrain took a backseat and the "meta" changed for the worst.