Planetside 2 Catch-All

I guess all the good names were already taken.

Hey Francko,

Thanks for the note. I tried to install Welkin4591 some time back and got an error during the install. I re-downloaded the file and the same thing happened again. Is there anything that I should know if I want to try out the game?

I'll definitely try to check this out as well

Remember in a chinese based game, we are the annoying gold farmer.

I got back into Planetside for a month or two with some Quarter to Three guys a long while back. It was great fun for a while, but it starts to get really kind of repetitive after a while. Also, just like any other MMO, it's full of douches using every little exploit and cheap trick they can to win and piss off the bad guys.

I'd really like to see a modern Planetside, but the old one is just dying a slow death

What would be sweet would be if the guys who made Frontlines Fuel of war (they can make a good shooter) make an MMOFPS. Now if we only had a member here from Kaos Studios

WiredAsylum wrote:

What would be sweet would be if the guys who made Frontlines Fuel of war (they can make a good shooter) make an MMOFPS. Now if we only had a member here from Kaos Studios

If only...

I played the beta for Planetside, and had an awesome time flying Galaxy transports for the troops. Zipping along at tree-top level, yanking the transport near-vertical "Blackhawk-style" to stop it right over an enemy emplacement, then dropping the nose to power away after the troops had dropped into combat while my tail-gunner was cackling. And this was with just a PUG of random folks.

Yeah, I'd be all over playing a game like Planetside with members of the Goodjer nation.

Just an FYI. Sony is allowing people to use their Planetside accounts for free through the end of August. I just wanted to let you know in case you think "what the hell" and jump in. Also, I understand that they are performing their final server merge, making one server for all global play.

The game sure shows its age, but I've already had some nostalgic experiences playing with a few old outfit-mates. There are few games where you can roll with friends in a tank column for a half-hour without dying (if careful and organized, of course). It's still got something I'm searching for in another game.

Get on it, Valve!

By the way, if any of you are New Conglomerate, look for me on the field.

So if I had an account from many years ago I cna log in and play for free? I would love that.


No link is required, Mr. Blayze - it's a part of all the accounts. Just run the game and use your normal SOE username and password. However, if you don't have Planetside downloaded and installed, you can click here to download the Station Launcher. Then you can download and install Planetside that-a-way.

After about two years, I was still able to activate my BR25 toon. Many of my other friends have also had no problem accessing their old toons.

Wow I might have to play for a bit while it's free. I have not logged on in a couple years. Is the server merge going to happen before/during the free August event or after? Hopefully before - so I can shoot at all you Goodjers who weren't playing Vanu on Markov!

PS will always have a special place in my heart. That game was incredible, there's just nothing quite like it. Hey fstart, are there any other [The Final Stand] turned Goodjer hanging around?

I just might re-up for this. I too have some very fond memories of my time in this game.
I had (have?) an NC Max specialist / Vanguard driver that I loved playing. Mid teens BR if I recall correctly...

TOGUberstein was the in game name I think.
Can't properly recall the server but I think we were on Markov at one point after a merge.

Cool stuff! I have an outfit that is still kicking. It may be on life support, but it hasn't kicked off yet. I'll be sure to add you folks to my friends list (btw, type /friend add DocBadwrench, for instance, to add me). I provide that there because I know that many of us have been away for years and may not remember the old command-line-esque options for quickly adding people.

What's particularly amazing, in the few times I've been on, is how little I need to use the /ignore command. I'll chalk that one up to the fact that the game's old now. I mentioned that I've been in my planetside outfit longer than I've known my wife. Though it was an interesting observation, it wasn't the right one, because my wife said, "Okay, have sex with Planetside, then."

After which, of course, I backpedaled...

Just checked my station account for the first time in 4 years. Too funny. All those EQ, PS, and a few SWG payments.

My 45 day trial is there. Might just download this tonight. (or should I use my original CDs? I have 'em)
The game can really be fun in a somewhat coordinated group/outfit.

I do remember Planetside. Now if only I can figure out my old password and login. I am pretty sure I don't have that old email anymore...

I am so getting this set up tonight. Time to get nostalgic.

I just tried to start it.

CTD as I was logging my old character (still there as I left him) into Gemini.

Gonna try once more.

Does this game have issues with Vista 64 or Nvidia 8 series cards?

Arrgh. At least at first I could get the part of the actual game to launch, it would only crash when I try to log into an actual server, right as the progress bar would say "Entering Sanctuary..."

Now the station launcher refuses to even start.


Fixed, but sheesh.
There was a time where all the futzing to make a game work wouldn't have annoyed me in the slightest.
Apparently that time is now over. :-\
I guess time gets more precious as you grow older.

Anyway, turned out part of the problem was with my default browser being FF, the plugin the launcher installs just would not work properly with Firefox.
Also had to change the PS executable to run in Win 95 compatibility mode. That fixed the crashes once I was in game.

Got in for a bit, before server was taken down.
Discovered all of my certs were un-certed (had all my points, no certifications), so had to re-cert everything.

Made a few errors in the that process, gonna take a few days to re-cert things properly so my certs sync with my bookmarked loadouts (which are obviously held server-side because they were still there).

Neat. Would've liked to have screwed around a bit more, but the server went down shortly after I made it to Searhus where it looked like there was some action.

Oh well.

Hit my Outfit button and my old outfit is...gone.
Was sad to see the screen empty, zero members, and a message to the effect, "The Older Gamers. You may be gone but you are not forgotten. Go the Gecko!"
Not that I was expecting anyone to still be carrying on with it.

Ahh memories.

Wow Uber, Planetside those were the days, eh mate?

Whats your favourite memories of planetside?

Mine by FAR is any time I got to gun for a smurf biffer. (looking back we had the dumbest slang ever). The rocket pod just ripped through everything with its burst fire. But the real fun was the particle cannon. It was more or less the second biggest gun in the whole game, only instead of arcing explosive shells through the air it operated more like a railgun. It wen't KASHOOOOM and this blue dart of pure pwnage streaked out to tag stuff at over 300m. I got good with it after a while. So good in fact that I started to smack aircraft out of the air with it. It didn't matter if they were swerving madly on full afterburners, i was downing them left and right. Infantry? no problem. Tanks? Say goodbye.

I always wanted to try it out but my FPS avoidance kicked in along with the box price. I've been playing another SOE game ,Infantry online ( top down shooter) for years. My main problem is that SOE servers are in San Diego,CA and I live in Israel. I can't get ping any lower than 230ms. It's fine for Infantry online (the upper limit of league play :lol:) but for an FPS it might be a little laggy.

I may download Planetside it and give it a try (provided I'm not stuck in spectator mode for lagging). I'm currently heavily addicted to Infantry online so it's not a promise.

Uberstein wrote:

Anyway, turned out part of the problem was with my default browser being FF, the plugin the launcher installs just would not work properly with Firefox.
Also had to change the PS executable to run in Win 95 compatibility mode. That fixed the crashes once I was in game.

Thanks for that! Had to apply the 98 compatibility myself.

Unfortunately, while i still have my character from the last time i played, i play on the Euro server and so unless i start a new guy on the US server i probably won't see any goodjers... :/

I really wish I had any idea what email/username combo I was using back then.

Yeah it took me a few tries. I actually must've updated my station account in the last few years because I was able to use the "forgot my username" link successfully.

Hiya Karma! (Karma and I were two of the original TOG Outfit members, along with about 10 or so others) Yes those were the days...

I even visited (and posted in) the old division forum last night. It's still there.
It looks like a few others there are going to give the trial a shot as well.

I wanted to follow up to this thread about some thoughts I had thanks to this week's podcast.

A bit before the great "Planetside model" question, a comment was made that one of the big things standing in the way of success for new MMO's was the ability of friends to play together regardless of level. This was one of my main gripes about WoW. Because I didn't play as much, I was a wimp-strength aggro-magnet when I got together with my level-advanced buddies.

This is not a problem in Planetside. Since advancement results in a wider array of options rather than more-power per-shot, a level 4 can play with a level 20 with zero difficulty. What Mr. Sands correctly asserts is that the impact of the persistent world is far less than it would otherwise be. When you're on a bunch of mostly similar continents with bases that lack any visual differences, it gets to be a bit like groundhog day.

The immediacy of battle is another correctly observed problem that still happens today. It's possible to log into Planetside and waste fifteen to twenty minutes squadding up and figuring out where to meet. However, if you can stomach that, you find stuff that you can't get elsewhere. The other day, I was in a Vanguard tank with one of my old friends, killing Vanu and TR, withdrawing and repairing. We had a tank running for 35 minutes before I screwed up and we died. I can't think of any other game where I can be part of a team that lasts for that long. It's quite memorable.

Huxley is vaporware, and even if it wasn't, it still (currently) boasts the WoW-ish power advancement structure. What I would love to know is if there even is a market for a boutique MMO that draws on the strengths of Planetside while giving something new. Personally, I would love to give a military order to Gabe Newell to take the best from TF2 and somehow machine-together an MMOFPS.

Just some thoughts. I'm enjoying my time in Planetside right now, but it's a difficult love. It shows its age and not without it's long-standing problems (as Uber is ably pointing out). But it's like a childhood friend to me. There's so much team-playing chemistry, great advancement structure and yet so much that still annoys and irks me after all these years.

I still remember my first 10 minutes of Planetside as clear as if it were yesterday.

I created a Vanu toon (love purple, what can I say?) and hit the instant action button just to get a feel for what this new-fangled game was like. The game spawned me into a tower, near an NC base that the Vanu were assaulting. It was one of the ice-words, lots of snow, lots of trees.

I stepped out of the tower, and was immediately stopped dead in my tracks - stunned and overwhelmed by everything that was happening:
- Vanu tanks were parked near our tower, shelling the crap out of the NC base. Engineers were swarming over the tanks trying to get them repaired.
- Turrets on the tower were taking constant pot shots at at the tanks. It was easy to tell that a real duel was in progress between the tank cannaneers and the gunners in the turrets on the walls.
- Purple maxes were rumbling out of the tower, using their jumpets to run up and then hop onto the base walls.
- Infantry, both Vanu and NC, were swarming all over the place in the forest outside the tower, filling the air with rounds from their Gausses, Jackhammers, Lashers, and Pulsars.
- Little invisible looking dudes were zipping by left and right. I had no idea at the time who THESE guys were.
- The rumble of several aircraft kept passing overhead. AAA of all forms were rising from every spot on the base. I could see "streams" coming out of the larger planes and heading towards the base (guys bailing out of Galaxies to assault the base I would later learn).
- The screetch of the Mosquitos and Reevers were everywhere. Massive volleys of Reaver rockets were splashing all around.

In many ways, a game well, WELL ahead of it's time.


I played Planetside in beta and a few months after release. I remember spending way too much time getting to the action and not enough time actually killing things. That and the awesomeness that is Tribes made me feel like the open world was squandered by slow moving units.

I could write a book about this. Just give me a 40k mmofps ala Planetside and I'll be happy. No loot, no stats just a persistent world that lets the players invent their own tactics that actually work. Remember cutting tech in PS and it actually work in that your empire was now pushing the base? There is more "meat" in PS than people give it credit for. Dare I say World of StarCraft via Planetside? Psychic Storm anyone?