Thanksgiving(1998) = Half-Life

Every Thanksgiving holiday I get warm fuzzy feelings which take me back to late November of 1998. It was a week or so before Thanksgiving and Half-Life was released. I was already an avid gamer. Half-Life made my addiction grow ten-fold.

13 years have passed since that great holiday weekend. I remember vividly playing that game till my wrists ached. I rooted for Gordon and tried to steer him to his final destiny.

I miss you Gordon.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everybody and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Half-Life. Thanks for the memories!

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I wonder how many more years will pass before we see Half-Life 3.

Also, another thing that links Half-Life to Thanksgiving is that the head crabs always remind me of cooked turkeys.

It's an annual event for me...time to replay Half-Life!

Have a great holiday everybody.

Ohh my, I just found out that the season finale of Telltale’s excellent Walking Dead series is coming out this week. Gordon has competition this year from Lee.

I played Black Mesa, and it was a nice blast of Half-Life scented fun. I don't remember as many Modern Shooter soldier-face-shootin' segments in the original, though it's possible my memory is a bit hazy.
I agree, though, Thanksgiving just brings Half-Life to mind. Hooray!

11/08/1998 Belated Happy Birthday!

I still have the day-one purchased big box downstairs on my basement bookshelf.