Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2012

Contribute and vote for your favorite game ideas to be prototyped (week 1). Then, Double Fine will create prototypes of the top four ideas and live stream the process (weeks 2-3). Contributors get to download the finished prototypes for Windows (Steam keys too!) Plus, you get two protoypes from past jams right away.

This should be fun!

Oooo, just like the Mojam. Awesome!

Spacebase is leading \o/
JP is totally my favourite "thumb" and the game sounds interesting too.

I voted for Spacebase, Black Lake, Silent But Deadly, The White Birch and Kaiju Piledriver.

If I had to narrow that down to just two, they would be Silent But Deadly and Kaiju Piledriver.

OH MY GOD, pooped pants stealth game now please.

f*ck, I love Double Fine.

Edit: Voted for: Black Lake, CritterVerse, Primordial Slime, Autonomous, and Hack n' Slash. Interestingly, my favorites were also most of the pitches I thought could be great games.

I'd love a moody action/adventure in which you uncorrupt places and things, in Black Lake. CritterVerse sounds alot like Elebits DS, which was very fun.

Primordial Slime looks like a neat puzzle platformer, which I seem never to tire of. Autonomous has huge potential, and that alone was worth a vote. Hack n' Slash was my favorite. I love some dungeonering, so to be able to totally mess with that traditional experience makes me say, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Others that I thought had potential, but wasn't interested in were: The Flock, Spacebase DF-9, The White Birch, and Bad Golf.

Fantastic idea.

This is brilliant. I just wish they didn't show how many votes each game has so far. I think that will skew the voting. I'm surprised Bad Golf has so few votes. That sounds amazing.

The people that have voted so far have basically told me not to give money to this. The current top six don't really appeal to me and the two that I really like, poop pants stealth game and golf/demolition derby hybrid, aren't getting any votes.

So has anybody been watching the live streams so far? I've found them to be pretty interesting so far.

Yeah, I'm watching all of them. I'm now watching the first group task discussions for today. Uninterestedly, studio development is exactly how I imagined it would be, but it's still incredible they're letting the public get to see this, prototypes or not.

My feelings have been somewhat flipped. I didn't understand all the votes for White Birch. The pitch was very generic, and sounded like me-too indie experiential crap. I just assumed that arty buzzwords were used, and made people vote. But now I'm glad they did, because it sounds amazing. I wish he could've pitched is idea better in the trailer, but the game he described later is definitely something I want to play.

And I don't know if it's the way he articulates himself, but the lead of Hack n' Slash has made me unexcited about it. It's hard to follow what he says, and I can't picture the prototype he's badly (imo) described.

Holy crap, Double Fine High must be voted for : o

edit: Awww this is over, and none of the ideas I liked won :/

Day 2 doc is up.

Day 3 is up. I loved Brian Min, so articulate and personable.

Day 4 is ready, and things are starting to progress. Ideas now look like games.

A couple of days in and my feelings have flipped as to which will have the best demo. I thought at first the least ambitious ones would be amazing and the most ambitious ones would be incomplete, but Black Lake just looks wholly underwhelming at this point, and the most cool ideas could be in Autonomous.

I'm really enjoying the 2P productions videos they're putting up every day.

I feel detached from HnS's art style, and Black Lake is probably the project that needs to get a lot right or it won't work. BL is still a sound idea, but can they make all the elements in the demo solid, and provide a cohesive experience for the player? I will agree that Autonomous looks the best at this point, but it doesn't seem like they have a character progression down, if that's even a goal for their prototype. Both the others look fine, and I think I'm somewhat interested in Space Base now.

Day 6 is available, and we're starting to see proper engine footage, some with responsive gameplay. Black Lake seems like it needs lots of love, and my favorite idea, Hack n' Slash, has become my least. The hacks better blow my mind, because what we're shown doesn't.

Damn if Autonomous doesn't look awesome.

Day 7 is up and super good. I'll feel a little guilty about it later, but since tomorrow is the team's presentations I plan on watching the stream all day. Unemployment is good for something. Also good for spending hours on something trivial just because things keep blowing up in your face.

iaintgotnopants wrote:

OH MY GOD, pooped pants stealth game now please.

Metal Gear Solid 4 taught us that pooping your pants is a bad way to remain undetected.

Day 8 feels weird. There's no morning meetings and it's mainly comprised of a few lengthy conversations. Not dull, or bad, just different, and my least favorite so far.

Prototypes are scheduled to be stream at 3pm EST (a couple minutes).

The festival is live!

Yup, Autonomous still looks amazing. Friday can't come soon enough.
Turned around on H&S. What a mind f*ck, I love it!

Yeah, wow. A full game of H&S seems like it could be crazy. Autonomous looks great too.

Black Lake looks surprisingly cool too! Wow. Really excited for these.

Prototypes are up, not yet on Steam. Playing Autonomous while I wait for the others. It's going to be an unproductive day.

This has been such an entertaining inside look at Double Fine. I really recommend people interested in the development process donate and get the videos.. Super fun stuff. It reminds me of the 1up Show (RIP). I can't wait to try Space Base.

Spacebase DF-9 has been promoted to a full release!

Looks like they're going the alpha release funding model, so you can buy access to the game now for $20 or more.

It was the one that least interested me, but good for them.

shoptroll wrote:

Spacebase DF-9 has been promoted to a full release!

Looks like they're going the alpha release funding model, so you can buy access to the game now for $20 or more.

And it has also been promoted to having a thread all its own.