Sony 3D display problems

I got one of the Sony 24" 3D displays to hook up to my PS3. Had it about 3 months or so. It's worked fine until today. Now when I try and turn it on, the blue light at the bottom turns on, then switches to a small green light, then a small red light flashes (never a good sign!) and then nothing. Checked on the Sony message-boards and it appears tons of people are having this problem. I don't have the receipt needed for a replacement as it was a gift from my brother who has long since lost it. He paid $149 for it, but the paid repair option is $169... more than a brand new one! That's crazy! Other than that, Sony was no help. Without the receipt, there is no repair which is crazy. Do they think it's a counterfeit or something??

My only chance is Best Buy (where my brother purchased it) has a record of the serial number when it was purchased (he paid cash so no credit card help). If so, I can get it reprinted.

Shame on Sony for sending out units where virtually every one has this same issue! Of course I guess the red ring of death was Microsoft's entrance in this club as well. Does anybody make quality stuff anymore?

Coolbeans wrote:

Does anybody make quality stuff anymore?

Yes, but mistakes are inevitable. As far as I can tell this display bundle was a huge mistake by Sony, and the purchase a huge gamble by your brother.
Launch price for that display was $499 last year. So he bought a 3D display at a 70% discount and it still includes a hardware bundle (HDMI and USB cables, Active Shutter glasses, and a full game). Over $100 of goodies at regular retail markups, so he basically paid $50 for a 24 inch 240Hz 1080p display. This tells me that Sony and the retailers are dropping this product like a hot potato.
As far as I can tell from the Sony pages they have all but discontinued the display and no longer sell it from their own store. The buy now button links to Amazon and Best Buy and listing the >50% mark-down (and Amazon only shows 3 units at the lowered price in stock from a 3rd party seller). My guess is that they need your receipt because the device supposedly comes with 1 year of warranty and we are right at the cusp where they stop being liable so they need to verify actual purchase date before they repair your display and lose even more money on this debacle.

Looks like I might be saved with this as I called Best Buy and answering 10,000 questions we were able to track the transaction down. So I just have to zip over there and pick it up. But somehow I bet even when I get my replacement monitor, it will eventually have the same problem.

Live and learn...