Wii U Catch-All

If XCX didn't have such a large online facet I think it'd have been ported by now. The game was already playable solely on the Gamepad.

I’ve honestly been debating getting a Wii U to play 3D World and Galaxy.

3D World is amazing

We finally got ourselves an external hard drive. It's a Western Digital My Book (Essential Edition) 1TB. It slots into the entertainment centre alongside the Wii U rather nicely. Matching black casing. Matching blue lights. Tidy price. Ace.

Now it's time to download our existing titles (for which our Wii U had no more gigabytes to give) so they're on hand. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Super Mario Galaxy 2. And acquire a few others for which physical editions are more expensive than digital. Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water. Star Fox Guard.

Any recommendations? I'm thinking towards the eventual store closure, similar to the now delayed PS3 PS Store shutdown. I'm ahead of it this time as select games are no longer available on the PS3 PS Store, for one reason or another, and I'd like to avoid that on Wii U. From Virtual Console to hidden gems to silly priced physical copies. I'll be scouring lists. (I'm glad I got in on a few games, physical copies, which are now daft prices. They weren't when we got 'em. Ha!)

Metroid Prime Trilogy perhaps?

Gonna resurrect this discussion from a year ago. I just spent some time downloading and saving off my WiiU digital library. Anyone have any recommendations on some must haves or definitive experiences for the console? I am a big fan of the tablet for dual-screen play.

For my part, I'd recommend Scram Kitty for some unique indie platforming. I think ZombiU was pretty cool. The way you had to look down at the tablet to manage our items while zombies were coming at you on the TV really upped the tension. NintendoLand was an excellent showcase of what the system could do with some creative development. Unfortunately, not a lot of developers made the leap or the effort. That was a game that could've been ripe for DLC.

For multiplayer, you have to go with Affordable Space Adventures for co-op and Runbow for the frenzied party game. I know Runbow is on other platforms, but you can get up to 9 players on a local game on the WiiU.

Anyone else have games to share? Only 6 or 7 more months until they close up shop!