Wii U Catch-All

Tropical Freeze is still my favorite game on the Wii U.

Huh. I was watching Netflix and the Wii U just shut itself down. When I turned it back on it said it powered down due to inactivity. I guess Nintendo didn't build it to withstand a full episode of MST3K. Maybe I shouldn't have started it off with Carnival Magic... that's kind of a stinker even for them.

Today I added Need For Speed: Most Wanted U, Watch_Dogs, and Game & Wario. All for a better price that eBay is currently asking. This is going well. And it made the trekking around stores for Christmas gifts so much more palatable.

I'm not sure why I added Watch_Dogs. I hear it is not a good port. It was simply too cheap to ignore with this collection itch demanding I acquire it. (I had no such problem ignoring the all-but-free Just Dance.)

Windwaker is gorgeous!

jrralls wrote:

Windwaker is gorgeous!

It is. Especially the HD verison.

Too bad it's dependent on a tablet controller that (for me) has to be tethered to a charger due to battery life issues. My Switch is just as bad undocked, though.

Fedaykin98 wrote:

The WiiU is a wonderful console, with many great games.


Super Mario 3D World is one of the best traditional Mario style games Nintendo has ever done, at least in my opinion.

Glycerine wrote:
Fedaykin98 wrote:

The WiiU is a wonderful console, with many great games.


Super Mario 3D World is the best traditional Mario style game Nintendo has ever done, at least in my opinion.


So the Miiverse shut down but did the store go down too? I should probably load up games I haven’t started yet for the patches.

The eShop will probably stay up for a while. However, the Wii Shop Channel will stop working in 2019 and at the end of March they'll stop letting you purchase points.

So if there's any WiiWare or Virtual Console titles that aren't available natively for the Wii U now's your time to get them.

Target currently has a BOGO deal on select Wii U games. What's the verdict on Star Fox Zero + Guard?

I actually enjoyed Guard. I hated Star Fox Zero. Someone a bit younger or with more patience may have been able to grok the controls better than I did. (NintendoLand was the most I was able to play with motion controls) Also, it was basically a HD version of Star Fox 64, which I didn't realize when purchasing. The first level was identical.

Thanks for the heads up though. Might get Color Splash if I can figure out something else to go with it.

Star Fox Zero is ...fine. It's fine. It takes adjustment, but it's fine. You'll never love it, but it's fine.

Star Fox Guard is surprisingly great couch co-op so I think you and Demyx could have fun with it.

If you’re a Star Fox fan and have a little patience, Zero is a good time. I really enjoyed it. I’m also an unabashed fanboy and have played through Starfox 2 multiple times on the SNES classic because it too is awesome.

Donkey Kong Jungle Freeze is coming to the Switch!

What Wii U games will be impossible to port?


Star Fox Guard on paper seems like it would be pretty hard to port. Wonderful 101 maybe as well.

Game & Wario.

Mario maker is awesome! Holy cow this should’ve been a day one launch tile. I’ve yet to see any game that has been so awesome with WiiUpad integration as this game. Me and my five-year-old are having a blast making levels, although I’m probably having more fun than he is. What I wouldn’t have given for this game at 10 years old…

I got Tengami with the last round of games for gold coins. Shame it’s relegated to the basement Gaming Annex

Can anyone remind me what the "off" battery life of the gamepad should be? I'm wondering if I should get a new battery while they are still available from Nintendo.

Mine lives in the charging cradle because I use my Pro controller whenever I have the option. Last week I unplugged the dock while I reorganised my TV area, today I've plugged it back in and the gamepad has had the charge light lit up for the last half hour and is still going. That seems like a lot of battery loss for 5 days of not being used or charged. I've still got some games to play which require the gamepad so I'm concerned.