WASDIO - The PC Game Controller for Action Games Kickstarter

I don't get it. So instead of moving with a twitch of my fingers, I have to use my whole arm? And the buttons they complain about on the keyboard are just moved around to new locations that my fingers have to learn anew. That doesn't sound like an improvement to me.

But then I also find every console controller ever made unintuitive and awkward compared to mouse/keyboard, so maybe it's just me

FeralMonkey wrote:

I don't get it. So instead of moving with a twitch of my fingers, I have to use my whole arm?

The idea being that you get analog movement on the PC, finally. It won't matter too much, unless support for this thing is really well-done, but if it gets support (even something as simple as mapping the 360 controller's left stick to the movement) then it vastly improves movement from a simple binary toggle of "I am moving forward (and maybe pressing shift to run)" to "move forward at this slow speed, and then gradually increase/decrease as desired". I'm not sure I want to back it at the price they want, but it looks like it could be great.

I can see a need for analogue controls, but I agree, a joystick is a bit too much. Something double the size of a gamepad thumbstick with a little more resistance would be good. Oh, and force feedback for crying out loud, it's like game developers went and forgot it exists after consoles went and got themselves vibration.

From there FAQ for clarification on how the controller mimics keyboard inputs.

How does the analog joystick map to key presses?
The analog joystick registers 128 degrees in every direction minus a few for a deadzone in the middle.

The software in turn takes that value and converts it to keystrokes which the game understands. Currently it converts it directly into a keystroke if the joystick is positioned out of the deadzone. Ex. If you push it forward it will register a “W”… if you push forward and left it registers “WA” (diagonal).

Our plan is to have it support more levels of movement by shipping time. Specifically, supporting slow movement by pulsing a “W” for those times when you need to creep up to a ledge. Also when pushed all the way forward, it will support “Run” which is often accomplished by Shift+W.

These can be mapped to different zones on the joystick. For example: 0-15% creep, 15-90% walk, 90-100% run. These would obviously be configurable enabling you to make adjustments as needed.

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Just wanted to say I have nothing to do with the project, just a backer spreading the word.

I guess in a way it's partly a game problem, in that keyboard is the 'standard' PC controller (everyone has one) so they're often going to assume digital inputs, all or nothing. I guess the next best thing would be for games that do allow analogue controls, for the wasdio software to mix and match it with the mouse.

Yeah, I not sure why I am so excited about it. When I saw it I was hooked. It just seems like a great idea to me.

Looks good to me, but would need to play with it a bit more to know if I would really like it or not.
But I am happy to see some people trying different things here.
Any one here getting it? Curious to know how it works out in the end.