MAGFest 11: Jan 3 - 6, 2013 National Harbor, MD

For those not in the know, MAGFest is a gaming and music convention that's seen a lot of growth over the years. I'm thinking of checking it out this year, and thought I'd see if anyone else is going or has already been.

Might help if I added a link.

This has potential.

Rise, thread!

It is likely I'll be going to this on Saturday and crashing on a friend's hotel room floor. This won't leave me much time as I'll basically be attending exclusively so I can see old friends (INCLUDING D&D SLUGGERS WHO YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME FELLOWS) and grab the new Arm Cannon CD if they have any still available.

But if there will be GWJers there then I have no problem with a slapped together tickle.

Arise again!

I did PAX this year and it was pretty cool. (sup, cces) Next year it looks like MAGFest 12 is the place to be, as they recently announced that they will host Machinae Supremacy's western hemisphere debut concert. Also there will be video games. Ticket and hotel room booked.

Anyone else with me?

I don't have a ticket yet, but I am definitely planning on going, particularly because of Machinae Supremacy.

I'm not certain on scheduling anything yet, though, until I get myself a new jorb.