NFL Losers Pool: Week 11

Week 10 Picks
karmajay: Chiefs
Kush15: Panthers
willhouse4078: Bears
LeapingGnome: Chiefs
Zaque: Rams
Elliottx: Chiefs
HansomB1derful: Jets
Secret Asian Man: Chiefs

Everyone picked correctly last week, here's what everyone has picked to date:

karmajay: Raiders, Browns, Jaguars, Bengals, Chiefs
Kush15: Chiefs, Browns, Jaguars, Cardinals, Panthers
willhouse4078: Eagles, Bengals, Cowboys, Jaguars, Bears
LeapingGnome: Cowboys, Rams, Jaguars, Browns, Chiefs
Zaque: Raiders, Redskins, Jaguars, Browns, Rams
Elliottx: Raiders, Jets, Jaguars, Bills, Chiefs
HansomB1derful: Raiders, Rams, Jaguars, Bills, Jets
Secret Asian Man: Raiders, Ravens, Cardinals, Cowboys, Chiefs

[u]Week 11 Schedule[/u]

Miami at Buffalo (Thursday Night)

Arizona at Atlanta

Cleveland at Dallas

Green Bay at Detroit

Cincinnati at Kansas City

Philadelphia at Washington

Tampa Bay at Carolina

Jacksonville at Houston

NY Jets at St. Louis

New Orleans at Oakland

San Diego at Denver

Indianapolis at New England

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (Sunday Night)

Chicago at San Francisco (Monday Night)

Guve me the Lions though i hope im wrong.

I'm going to go Chargers, they seem to be falling apart and Manning seems to be clicking.

Chargers for me.

Lions for me



Arizona for me.

We will all move on, except for Secret Asian Man, who has until kickoff to choose the loser of Chicago/San Francisco. I am going to start the new thread for Week 12 when I get to work, since we have the Thanksgiving slate this week.

Whoops, well I can't pick against my team Chicago so I'll take SF to lose. Backup vs backup with two outstanding defenses. I predict a lot of 3 and outs.