Help! Another 'Name that game' thread. (Solved!)

Ok, I'm stuck.

This game is fairly recent (past couple years, maybe?), in fact I'm not sure if it was ever officially released!

I recall being vaguely interested in it but while the premise was cool the gameplay seemed to lack depth and variety so I gave it a pass. I wanted to see what came of it but now I can't remember the name or what platform(s) it was for.

It's a Sci-fi theme, you control a squad of space ship treasure hunter/alien fighter types in a top-down retro style.
Ships are procedurally generated and you find lots of random items around the ship to fight aliens.
I am pretty sure you can skill up characters between missions.

Does any of this ring a bell?

Tanglebones wrote:

Weird Worlds?

No, it was definitely a squad on board a ship (kinda like Space Hulk, but action oriented). The squad would take missions and kill lots of aliens. I remember seeing a gameplay video of it but can't recall who it was that did the video. It was some time ago.

I've definitely got my eye on Star Command but that's not it. I think this predated the Kickstarter boom.

Aw Crap! This stuff annoys me. :p

How retro are we talking here? SPAZ sounds pretty close to it, but I think there's a browser based game that was similar but a lot more retro looking.

EDIT: Found it. Captain Forever ring a bell? (RPS writings here)

Found it. Not exactly an intuitive name, no wonder I had such a hard time.

PS I found it by searching through the "Randomly Generated Maps" concept on Giant Bomb. Thanks, Giant Bomb!