Greatest Baby Pic ever!

I simply had to share this. This past weekend was my youngest sons 2 year birthday. He is a huge huge fan of Thomas the tank Engine so we had a friend make him a very detailed Thomas cake. This is his reaction picture.


I love it. Even closer on the most wonderful happy baby:


That is pretty damn cute, man. Love the surprise/pleasure on his face.

And no finger in the nose!

Awesome reaction, and congrats on another milestone!

That is awesome. My youngest son often wears that same expression. In fact, I've really come to learn that 2 year olds really only have three expressions: Intense interest, extreme joy, and rage.

Here's hoping that you get more of the first two than the third.

Hah! That's super awesome.


Two years old isn't a baby /nitpick

Nice pic. That cake looks great too.