This game was one of the recent GreenLights, and has just just now been released on Steam (currently at 10% off).
The game is a platformer, and it is surprisingly difficult. You are expected to be able to handle the controls well very early in the game, and I found myself lacking the familiarity with the controls that the game seemingly expects. Unfortunately, the "tutorial" (in the from of sign-posts at some puzzles) are not always that helpful. For example, it was not clear to me that you had to hold the "sing" button, which meant that I got stuck for a bit because I kept tapping the button instead of holding it down. Also, it's not made clear if you have to press the trigger-button (on an Xbox 360 controller), or the button above the trigger-button.

However, once I got over that I found the game does control well; your character is very agile, and by jumping, gliding, double-jumping, and switching environment (similar to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams) you are able (and expected!) to execute some pretty complex maneuvers. And that's with only one of 4 characters, so it'll probably get more complex. Luckily, checkpoints have been common, and the penalty of dying is very low, as the game instantly re-spawns you at the previous checkpoint. In fact, one button sends you back to the previous checkpoint, and you have to make use this mechanic to solve some puzzles.

The graphics are everything I expected, and can probably best be described as a diabetics worst nightmare; even the villain is cute, and appears to be an angry hair-dryer. So far, the only "negative" is that the music is far more subdued that I expected from the trailer, but I hope that picks up as you get further into the game. If you enjoy platformers, and don't mind (or enjoy!) cutesy graphics, then his game is certainly worth checking out.