Computer to TV through HDMI, screen shakes

I just noticed this after upgrading to Windows 8 (clean install). The screen shakes and jumps around a little. Not sure how to explain, I can always take a video if needed.

Current settings:

Video card: ATI Radeon 6950
TV: Samsung PN51E550
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

It's annoying and needs to be fixed! I had no problems on Windows 7. Could there be an HDMI driver? I've tried different resolutions through the Catalyst driver but coming up with nothing that works.

Edit: Corrected TV model, had the Onkyo receiver information there (Whoops!)

When I google TX NR-609 I get results for a receiver, not for a TV

Just to clarify, you are going straight to the TV and bypassing the reciever for now?

Ya, receiver is not part of anything. HDMI straight to tv

Thread - Arise!! I just happened to find the solution. Not that I expect many of you are having this problem but thought I would post anyway.

Someone on the Cnet Forums found a temporary solution to this software problem ...

If you disable SyncPlus app in smart hub the tv is perfect.
Enable it, lines and picture jumping.
So it is an issue with SyncPlus.
I have it disabled and the tv has been perfect and internet connected (ethernet cable).


Looks like it was the TV firmware and nothing to do with my computer. Woohoo!