2012: Unofficial GWJ Secret Santa 6.0 feat. Trichy Claus

trichy wrote:
fleabagmatt wrote:

Assembly was easy, aside from the fact that there were no batteries included in the package.

I'm strictly wind-up. Batteries are only needed for the special vibrating attachments (sold separately).


Vibrating Trichy -> TigerBill

And a new standard of unboxing has been set. Just awesome.

Wow, I think Haakon just outgifted his gifter.

That was f*cking fantastic.

/slow clap

Haakon7 just sucker punched me from across the ocean with awesome.

Glad you guys liked it. It was only fitting for a gift that had gone through hell to get here!

Dimmerswitch admired a good quality unboxing video lately.

Dimmerswitch is quite pleased with making a gift recently.

(Seriously Haakon7 - you outdid yourself here. I know you can't hear me over the Internet, but I am cheering. Really thought those weren't going to make it. I still feel terrible that they took so long, but am over the moon that they clearly went to the right home.)

/fast clap and squeee! That was awesome. I know Dimmerswitch was on pins and needles till this gift arrived, and what a happy arrival it was! Feliz Vinniedad!

Soooooooo; is anyone up for organizing 2013's?
(I didn't see a thread yet)