CHK file recovery tool

The SD Card in my phone started to act funky yesterday and Windows prompted a checkdisk. Usually this fixes the issue without causing distress. Unfortunately, this time Windows decided to put 99% of my data in a FOUND.000 directory as .CHK files.

The data consisted of MP3's (80%) and JPEGs or MPEGs (19%). The other percent are other media-related files like playlists, or small backup files.

Does anyone know of a good .CHK file recovery tool? I googled a couple but would like to avoid installing a dozen to find a decent one, if anyone here has already gone through this.

If not I'll go through 'the process' and post an update here and in the IT Toolkit thread.

Assuming the files are whole files and not fragments (in which case there's the rest of the data from that file flying around somewhere) couldn't you go through a process of elimination, rename them all to the corresponding file type and see which ones get detected as images/sound by the respective programs.

The other way would be if there's a program that looks at the first few bytes of a file to look for identifying information.