NFL Losers Pool Week 9

Sorry about the delay. For obvious reasons no picking the Chiefs.

Looks like no one went out last week thanks to the Jags being the patsy.

This week looks like this:

Cards @ Pack
Lions @ Jags
Bears @ Titans
Brocs @ Bengals
Panthers @ Skins
Ravens @ Browns
Phins @ Colts
Bills @ Texans
Vikings @ Seahawks
Bucs @ Raiders
Steelers @ Giants
Cowboys @ Falcons
Eagles @ Saints

Some real solid losers in this mix. Hard to choose, but I think I have to go with the Bills.

I'm going to start forgetting who I've already picked! I'll go Bengals thus week.

Arizona Cardinals


I will take the Browns, I don't think I've taken them before but not 100% sure.

Browns as well for me.

Bills for me this week. I have previously taken the Raiders, and the Jets, and the Jags.


Whoops I'm late to this party. So I'll take Dallasto lose to ATL