Halloween Playlist - Murder ballads?

We're sharing Murder Ballads in the office and working on adding to our playlist.

Any suggestions? A few on the list so far (and eclectic is cool)

Long Black Veil - Johnny Cash
Secret - The Pierces
Breakfast in Hell - Slaid Cleaves
Down by the River - Neil Young

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - The Curse of Millhaven

edit... There *may* be a naughty word or two somewhere in there, can't quite recall.

Knoxville Girl is one that has been around a long time, recorded by a variety of folks.
It's fairly... descriptive.

The Bonny Swans - Loreena McKennitt

I have never heard the Neil Young version of Down by the Water, only the PJ Harvey, which is super creepy.

A few more that have come in:
The Decemberists - The Rake's Song
Richard Thompson - Sidney Wells
The Beatles' "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
Mack the Knife
Marie Laveau - I found the version by Dr. John

Decemberists have a few:

Shankill Bucthers
Mariner's Revenge Song
The Culling Of The Fold

There are a few good versions of "In the Pines" I think Nirvana has a live one that is great.

The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama
Violent Femmes - Country Death Song
Tom Waits - Murder in the Red Barn

A couple that I am not sure if they make the cut as they are not really ballads

Ludo - Horror of our Love
might fit, but its a bit blunt

New Blood Revival - He's No Good For You
Again pretty blunt like the previous song but still good

Within Temptation - Angels
The music video makes it more of a murder ballad then the lyrics do by themselves

Not quite (at all) a ballad, but D.B. Rielly's I Got A Girlfriend will fill any zydeco-murder-song-shaped hole in your lineup.

I always imagined that "I Put a Spell on You" by Screaming Jay Hawkins was a prelude to some good ol' fashioned murder. Then Marylin Manson covered it and confirmed my suspicion.

Understated, dark and bloody? I'm with imbiginjapan. Sounds like a job for Nick Cave.

Dock Boggs has the best murder ballads. They're all mostly traditional songs that other people have been singing for a hundred years but his particular style of banjo playing just scares the sh*t out of me.

Isn't the name of the Nick Cave album on which Curse of Milhaven is found called "Murder Ballads?" It's a great album!

A murder of crows , perhaps. Or not. You decide.

I hung my head - Cash

not sure if anyone listens to this kind of music, but sleeping with sirens has recently released a new single dedicated to Halloween.

And how can we forget Tom Lehrer?

I always thought it was funny that so many people liked Kenny Rogers 'Laura' and he's talking about murder.

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Seems fitting that something should come back from the dead on Halloween and I enjoyed everyone's suggestions last year. Any new songs to add to the list?

Toadies seem to like doing songs about murder, though they aren't ballads. I did find this acoustic performance by the lead singer that is pretty good. The first verse of Jigsaw Girl is great.

I just realized that my post from last year mixed up two songs. This is the PJ Harvey song I was going to recommend:

How about some death jazz?

edit: just realized murder ballads aren't just songs with a dark theme. My bad, but keep these songs as a token.

Arise Halloween thread.

I enjoyed this a few years ago. Anyone have new suggestions?