Any way to watch iTunes video on my TV?

I bought the first half of the Doctor Who season on iTunes and watched them on my PC but I would like to watch them on my TV. I use Tversity to host stuff to stream through my PS3, but I have also used Windows Media Center for the same thing. However I can't seem to get the iTunes videos to play.

Is there any legal way to do this (I can find lots of illegal ways but I want to support Dr. Who rather than help BitTorrent sites)

iTunes videos are DRM'd so I think the only way to get them to your TV would be through an AppleTV or if you have an iDevice the 30 pin to HDMI connector.

You could pony up $100 for an AppleTV, or string an HDMI or VGA cable from your TV to your computer. So those suggestions are either expensive or unrealistic (depending where your computer is).

Edit: Okay, maybe the HDMI/VGA cable isn't an option then, given the DRM.

My solution, before getting an AppleTV, was to swallow the cost of the TV shows I had bought, and never buy DRM'ed media from iTunes again. But come to think of that, I haven't changed that since getting an AppleTV either.

Yeah, I looked into converting iTunes video when I finally ditched my iPhone 4 and iTunes, and it's not worth it. The only ways to do it degrade the quality quite a bit. There's no way to directly convert the video, so you have to use a program that frame captures sped up video.

Edit: I should mention that iTunes isn't the only bad player here. All the buy/rent streaming services are one big clusterf*** of pricing and DRM.

I ran into this last year and ended up stripping the drm with a program named Requiem. Once that was done, I used handbrake to convert it to a format that my PS3 would play. I didn't notice any loss of quality.

Apple TV, or just rebuy them from Amazon Instant Video, which plays directly on PS3.

EDIT: Additionally, anything capable of running a current version of XBMC can act as an AirPlay receiver.