NHL 13 (XBOX 360) GWJHL Season - Week 6

Tonight perhaps?

Leroyog wrote:

Tonight perhaps?

Yeah, I could do that. You want to try 10:00EST? I'll check back here by then to see. Sorry, crazy weeks.

Sounds good. See you there!


Whats your xbox tag again?

Leroyog wrote:

Whats your xbox tag again?

Surprisingly enough, ColdForged :).

Good game, Leroy. Yes, I had possession, but my goals were kind of sh*t. Well played!

Good game Cold. Not sure what happened that game. I tried to call a time out with 5 minutes left but the game wouldn't pause in between whistles. And then I couldn't pull my goalie when I had the face off at your end. booo!

Advancing to the next set of games now.

LeroyOG - Red Wings

San Jose

Ugh, looks like I'm going to have to drop out for the time being as well. Work has been out of control hectic with my schedule and I'm just not finding the time to get to game as much. Sorry everyone!

All I have left is the Islanders. Terrible CPU games this week: 1-3-2.

I can do pretty much any evening this week after 9pm EST. I also have the Oilers this week, so let me know what works for you, LooseTooth.

Good game Psycho!

AbsoluteTexan, are you still around? Toronto and Detroit have a classic rivalry game.

Quick show of hands... Who is still interested in this? might need to start kicking people soon.

I'm game.

You can kick me, if you haven't already. I don't have much time for games these days.

Like Jayhawker, I've been playing a ton on NHL 13 lately, but offline. I think I've lost interest in the GM Connected mode, so you can drop me as well. Sorry.

GM Connected mode is far less interesting when you have a small league, unfortunately. My last two "weeks" in the league have been all vs. CPU games. A lot of the appeal was playing against other GWJers regularly, and then talking about it here. Which seems to have largely gone away.

I can keep playing but I haven't had a game vs. an actual person in about a month.

Hey, sorry guys. Completely lost interest. Busy playing Black Ops II. Give me the boot.

Ok, cut some teams. Here is whats left.


Season has been rolled. I'll be rolling it again next Tuesday evening.

Edmonton, I processed that trade. Congrats on getting Shea Weber. Jerky Jerkerton!

Been following y'all and it really seems like a fun game. Picked NHL 13 up yesterday so I'll get to work figuring things out. Maybe I'll be ready for you professionals by the time NHL 14 comes out!

Only way to do that is join us and play. Want me to send you an invite?

Kick me...sorry, life took over my time

About to roll this thing.

All I have left is Willhouse. Willhouse!

I haven't played a single game this week, holidays too busy. Sorry if I'm leaving anyone hanging.



lol is anyone still playing?