New mouse not working with USB extension cable

I just got a new mouse (Logitech G500) and, for some reason, it's not working with the USB extension cable that I've been using with my old mouse (Logitech MX518). The cable/port work and the new mouse works when I plug it directly into a USB port but that's non-ideal for my setup. Anybody have any ideas?

It's possible that the USB port you're trying to use is under-powered and there just isn't enough to make it all the way to the mouse over the extension cord. (I have to assume that the simpler MX518 doesn't need as much juice.) If you aren't already, try using one of the main USB ports on the motherboard back panel, or a powered USB hub.

Do you have USB on your monitor or a hub you can use? Or perhaps even a new USB extension? Usually when we have problems like this here at work we just replace the extension cable and that fixes it. Also make sure the drivers are installed before using the extension cable.

You probably need an 'active' USB extension - i.e. not all USB cables carry sufficient power to devices.

Yeah, I'd lean in the direction of a slightly faulty cable, one with resistance that's too high, not providing enough voltage by the time the power gets to the other end. The old mouse was okay, but the new mouse isn't getting quite enough juice. You might be able to fix it by cleaning the contacts, possibly, especially if they're visibly corroded or discolored. A Q-tip and rubbing alcohol would work well for that.

Symbiotic's extension cable might work. Even better would be a powered USB hub -- that is, a USB hub that has an AC adapter. That would be almost certain to work correctly.

Yeah, I didn't even consider that the new mouse would require more power which does make sense. I guess I'll need to look into getting a powered hub.

A new extension cable might work, if you have another one you could try.

I've had this happen myself. I had a 30 foot basic USB cable that worked for a few things for a long time, and then when I tried using it for mice it just wouldn't.

Bought another 30 foot, but an active cable like the one Symbiotic linked and everything I've plugged into it has worked fine.