Birthday Song, 2012 Edition

I've accomplished another lap around the sun, and the children have kept with tradition by writing and singing my annual birthday song. (You can see explanation and a couple previous examples here.)

They have outdone themselves this year. They seem to have gone for the evil overlord part, instead of the sappy, geeky, or gray sides. And as my part of the tradition, I get my revenge by sharing this with you.

Set to the melody from Gaston, out of Disney's Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, without further ado I present, "My Mom."

Gosh it disturbs me to see you, my Mom
Looking so creepy and grim
And I can see you're constructing a bomb
And you're probably aiming at him (point to sibling who annoyed you earlier that day)

There's no one around as malicious as you
You're everyone's nightmares alive
That man who annoyed you is going to die
And it's not very hard to see why

No one's quite like my mom
Deals with sh*te like my mom
Dismembers a victim at night like my mom
For there's no one that matches her fury
Even short, she's still something to fear
You can ask all the fearful and wary
They'll show you the bodies she's hid around here

No one clones like my mom
Or builds drones like my mom
No one's got a collection of bones like my mom
As her specimens, yes, we're intimidated
ACK! What a quack, that's my mom

She likes the screams
She loves the wails
Have a care what you say
'Cause she's scary that way

No one jeers like my mom
No one leers like my mom
No one severs rebellious ears like my mom
For there's no one as creepy or scary
As you see she's got darkness to spare
Not a bit of her caring or merry (it's true!)
And nothing is nice in her horrible lair

No one kills like my mom
Gets her thrills like my mom
No one gives all her children the chills like my mom
She's especially good at ex-per-i-menting
10 kills for my mom!

When she looks at me with her slitted green eyes
I know I might be on thin ice
My homework is due and I haven't had time
I've been chasing her lab rats and mice

No one shoots like my mom
No one loots like my mom
No one turns nosy kids into newts like my mom
She's used entrails in all her de-fen-es-trating!

Mua ha ha ha

They totally got into it, too. After that, I think I better put a household moratorium on watching Young Frankenstein, NCIS, and maybe Pinky and the Brain for a while.

I've been typing this in with a grin on my face. I really don't mind. Now I'm a year older in the only way I want to measure it.

This is about the coolest thing ever.

(Happy birfday! :D)

Thank you. Yeah, I think it's the coolest thing, too. This one was especially fun since my daughter's boyfriend was also introduced to this tradition with this one and he thought it was funny as all heck.

That was great. Happy birthday!

By the way, my daughter's birthday is today too. She's 5 going on 13.

That's awesome. The most significant thing I get on my birthday is my annual "here's what you should be doing to live for Jesus (your dirty heathen)" letter from one of my sisters, so I'm a little jealous.

I assume I'm not the only one that sang it all the way through...

(Great job on the meter, by the way. Too many hack jobs just, well, hack it up.)

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The meter isn't my work - it's my daughters'. They've had lots of practice on these, and my elder daughter in particular really has a knack for it.

Love IT!

That's awesome!

Happy belated Birthday, Colleen!