Pirate101 Catch All

Yes, it's a game for kids. But as a Dad always searching for something to play with my 10 y/o, I think this sounds awesome.

I've only downloaded it so far, but I can't wait to give it a go with my kid.

Edit: Changed forum to MMO.

I just wanted to follow up with first impressions for anyone interested.

The game feels the same as Wizard 101, but the combat has changed. You carry around NPCs who are part of your "crew". When you engage in combat you're presented with a grid in which you give attack orders for your character and NPCs. You have powers that you can use aside from your default attack a la every other MMO. Gone is the card based combat system.

You also get your own ship that you can sail around and engage in combat.

So far my son loves it. Honestly, I'm a bit ambivalent towards it, but then my lunch is getting eaten by XCOM.

This probably should've gone in the MMO section.

Anyway, I enjoyed the bit of Wizard101 I played, and I really dig pirates, so I might give this a look.