Recommend me a new gaming headset!

Hey all, I have been looking for a new gaming headset ever since my girlfriend moved in with me the past few months. My cheapness and weariness of bad quality has stopped me from throwing down for a good headset so far. I have a real nice set of Bose desktop speakers right now that seem to really fill up the apartment with sound even when at a moderate level. She is a heavy reader and doesn't like to listen to music while doing so; hence my problem of needing the headphones. Something that doesn't let all the sound out would be good, noise cancellation etc.I found 2 pairs of headphones to kind of be my benchmarks of "this looks good for the price but may break," and "maybe If I save up for a while and am feeling frisky one late night."

Low Cost This set apparently has very good audio quality and the mic is surprisingly nice, the guy switched between his recording mic and the headset one mid review and I had no idea, but he also said he had to return a pair straight away and the second pair seemed to be solid. The mic gets pushed back in the ear-cup for out of the house use.

High Cost These look great (to me), should have great sound and build quality, and the mic is removable for out of the house use. Reviews said it may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but after 2 or 3 days they seem to morph a bit to your head and hears.

Also keep in mind that I wear glasses so any set of headphones of on-ear would be nice, and over the ear would need a decent amount of cushion (unlike this sh*tty pair of skull candys I got).

Thanks in advance, and let the recommendations to lighten my wallet commence!

Do you want PS3 or 360 compatability?


Dig through the Headphone thread. Lot of talk there about headsets, too.

High end, probably the Sennheiser PC 360? Or a good headphone set + separate mic.

I like my Razer Carcharias. Mid range price and quality, and frequently on sale for $50 or less (or cheaper for the refurbs). Comfortable with surprisingly good sound for the money.

This headset seems to be great to me and for the price of the wired one, I am very intrigued.

You can get the wired (which I would like) for 50 bucks with a coupon code, and 3 bucks shipping that should deliver in 2-5 days.

Oops, I meant to post in the headphone thread.