Sword of the Stars 2

I'm OK to play this a month or so Mass Effect 3 comes out. I think my expectations are probably fairly reasonable.

jam3 wrote:

Ouch Ouch Ouch PC Gamer gives it a 43


Can't say they didn't ask for stuff like this to happen but such a shame considereding where the game will be in another month or so.

James at OutofEight gave it a 3/8, which is an F- in his book.

STEAM sale.

New patch today:

Patch Notes wrote:


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed crash when deleting favorite invoices.
+ Restricted transfer to defense fleet from fleet manager, which could have led to a crash.
+ Fixed the memory leak/crash when displaying range/damage graphs for weapons that don't supply these values.
+ Fixed a crash in simulated combat related to fleets not being removed.
+ Fixed crash caused by colony intel not being removed when colony lost.
+ Fixed crash caused by only allowing a single defense fleet per system (should be defense fleet per system per player).
+ Fixed per-player initial technologies, colonies and savings.
+ Fixed duplicate module icons when exiting the design screen with the module selector present.
+ Fixed crashes related to new treaty news event messages.

Other Fixes:
+ Increased trade ranges for Human, Tarkas, and Liir-Zuul factions (game must be restarted for change to take effect.)
+ Fixed bug where battle riders would stay in construction system.
+ Fixed bug where bore ships where not refreshing node lines.
+ Added "No Module" item to the module selector.
+ Fixed bug where drones were not returning to tender in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed issue where friendly ships were pursuing and firing at each other in combat.
+ Added research tech button to feasibility study dialog.
+ Changed research cube visual and added feasibility state.
+ Removed ability to build alien zuul habitations.
+ Removed alien habitation requirements from science stations.
+ Fixed bug where Alien habitations where showing up for races that werent encountered.
+ Fixed bug where foreign habitations would show up with no foreign player encountered.
+ IOBM's now actively acquire new targets.
+ Hooked up names properly on favorite invoices.

Other Changes:
+ Tool tips added for ship statistic icons, weapon target filter and weapon behavior buttons.
+ Tweaked beam impact effects.
+ Tweaked combat AI behavior.
+ Disabled abandon colony button in New Colony dialog

Looks like they are getting there. The patch notes are certainly getting shorter

Arise! This game is $20 on steam for today. Anyone have a recent impression on whether it is fun/playable yet? I see they're still releasing several patches every week.

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Arise! This game is $20 on steam for today. Anyone have a recent impression on whether it is fun/playable yet? I see they're still releasing several patches every week.

Yup. This question here. Is it playable/enjoyable? Totally fixed?

Strangeblades wrote:
polypusher wrote:

Arise! This game is $20 on steam for today. Anyone have a recent impression on whether it is fun/playable yet? I see they're still releasing several patches every week.

Yup. This question here. Is it playable/enjoyable? Totally fixed?

I was hoping to load it up sometime later this week to see. Depending on my verdict, I might still pursue a money-back request. It was trash last time I tried (3 weeks ago).

Here's the state of the game as of Christmas Eve: http://www.kerberos-productions.com/...

RIght now the list of the major missing is as follows,
Psi attacks,
Indy Worlds,
and of course the techs that relate to them.

Also in the offing is a rework of the economic system to help clean up a lot of confusion and gameplay congestion.

Personally I think they have some balls offering this thing as a daily deal on Steam. It's still not finished.

I'm not playing it until someone says it's completed. Fool me once...

Thanks BadKen. I needed a good reason not to buy now. That's a good set of reasons. I imagine there will be a 'relaunch' sale at some point when they feel the game is ready. It'll be $20 again or less at that point.

Yeah, thanks for the update. No purchase for me today.

Thanks for the info. I've got Sins and Gal Civ 2 Ultimate for my grand spacey needs for the moment. Oh and Star Ruler too.

Get Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. That's fun, too.

I have tried the first 3 missions of Nexus. I like the style it seems to be going for but Im on the 3rd mission at the moment and find its so very slow. Im sitting there watching my ship and the enemy ship trade shots for minutes on end with no real strategic options. I've noticed that the missions tend to break if you don't follow the implied script and I'm wondering if I might have not quite done what was expected of me there.

Combat is really slow when you still have the Stiletto and its peashooter. It gets better later on when weapons become more devastating.

I forgot about that game. It was pretty sweet.

I think I will hold off on the sale too, though I do very much want to play it if things do get fixed.

So... yeah. Anyone try this out again? I am curious, but not so curious that I boot over to windows to make it happen.

Paging Dr. tboon. Paging Dr. tboon.

Naw, I'm waiting for February to give it another try. Supposedly, it will be in a 1.0 state by then. We shall see.

Looks like a patch dropped.

Updates to Sword of the Stars II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a ship module sound issue that could potentially cause leaks.
+ Optimized code that was contributing to longer turn times and slower combat.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing combat to be initiated when no ships
were present.
+ Fixed the issue where invisible enemy fleets could still be selected
on the star map.
+ Fixed the bug where additional armor layers were not being carried
over into combat.
+ Fixed the issue where the strategic AI was not researching outside
of initial core technologies.

Other Fixes:
+ Addressed known bad turret arcs on numerous ship sections.
+ Fixed known issues with combat AI assigning objectives to ships.
+ Fixed issues with the design screen weapon panel not closing.
+ Fixed the intermittent bug that would cause icons not to be laid out
correctly when switching ships in the design screen.
+ Added missing combat sensor icons.
+ Fixed the bug where simulated and full combat start positions would differ.
+ Numerous fixes to known issues with Psionics effects in combat.
+ Fixed Neutron Round and Accelerated Amplification effects.
+ Fixed some issues where star system ownership visuals could get out
of sync in the star map.
+ Addressed known issues with disruptors and deflectors.
+ Addressed known issues with minelayers.
+ Rapidly clicking buttons will no longer bypass feasibility studies.
+ Slave discs now attach to ships other than Scavengers.
+ Made some changes to address the strategic AI spending itself to death.
+ Fixed an issue where COL launchers were not orienting to face the target.
+ Addressed known issues with node lines and fleet travel.
+ Fixed some issues with fleets showing up behind routes.
+ Fixed a bug where fleet pathing would sometimes return an incomplete route.
+ Addressed known issues with DLC materials.
+ Fixed a bug related to colonizing systems with more than one colony.
+ Fixed a bug with armor alignment on tooltips.
+ Fixed the bug where research was not being cancelled when going too
far over budget.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Build screen now sorts available ship classes, and only shows
classes that you have designs for.
+ Implemented Smart Nanite effects.
+ Stealth armor on all sections now correctly reduces sensor signature in strat.
+ Full functionality for Liir battlecruisers and battleships.
+ Full functionality for mines and cracker COLs.
+ Improved grappling hook physics.
+ Effective ranges for ships used in stance positioning no longer
include PD weapons unless requested.
+ Numerous ship section, weapon and module data tweaks.
+ It is now possible to select a direct route for Zuul bore ships to travel.
+ Updated UI for upgrade missions.
+ Updated combat UI introducing new cloaking, stance buttons, facing
buttons and a priority weapon toggle.
+ Fixed some spelling errors in UI.

Actually, these are really the kind of fixes I like to see. Less of "Added Medium Range Combat AI Modules" and more of "Widget X behavior now sane". I think I'll try this out this weekend, see where they've got to.

I am interested in hearing your experience, Robear.

Me too.

Sigh. I really have to do it, don't I? Gotta ease back on the chocolate, I guess.

So, on startup, there are five or so links to a Wiki, the Beginner's Guide v1.2, the manual v1.1 and so forth. Very helpful. The Beginner's Guide offers an intro to 4x games, and a very solid intro to the game. They've even got a state diagram for the general activities in the game which looks just like a business intelligence schematic, which is intended to guide in the "cycle" of activities you'll go through each turn. I've never seen that in one of these games before. It then goes through all the things you can do in the game, with a paragraph or so for each. Missions, construction, combat, etc - they all have short discussions of how you do them and why you'd want to. Just read this before playing and save yourself some confusion.

Started the game in a window so I can record impressions as I go. I picked the second game type, customized my empire without incident and popped in. First thing to notice is that the Research button is flashing. That's a nice touch, it helps you figure out what to do first. I set up research first, then click out of the window. But the research icon is still flashing. Back in, and notice the "Tutorial Notes" button. That explains it - I didn't actually push the "Study Feasibility" button, but instead was just selecting the technology name. Good catch on the part of the game to let me know. 19 turns is the expected time.

Delay of 3 seconds switching from Research screen to main screen.

Don't pick a dark color for your empire, it makes the planet names and such fade into the black background of space a bit. Graphics are not top notch, but not bad either.

I notice that the Station Management button has an orange "1" in it. Click and sure enough, I have one station already. Hmmm. Population 0. I wonder if I can get some of my 500M people up there to work... I guess I'll see where they stand next turn.

Right clicked on a nearby system, selected "Survey" as the mission, and sent my initial survey fleet to check it out. End turn. Fleet still not there. End turn again. System survey mission now has a duration of 12 turns. But also, after only two turns, the Research Feasibility study is complete. 80% chance that the actual research project will succeed and a new sub tree within Industrial tech (Expert Systems) will open up, allowing the use of robotics to enhance productivity. Cool. The main screen pops up a reminder that I have no active research project. So I set it to continue.

Meanwhile, I notice the survey fleet discovered a new connection to an unsurveyed system. I select it and go to order the fleet to survey it, but then realize that they are not done with the current mission. Apparently, fleets have to return to their Reserve location after a mission to resupply or something. I need another fleet. Remind myself that the current one will take 12 more turns.

In the process of figuring out how to build fleets, I select a planet. Now I can't get the planet detail window to go away.

Still trying to find the Create Fleet button...

I notice that Deneb 2b is unpopulated, and I have a colonization fleet. New mission! Right click on the system in the main display, not the planet in the system breakout, then select the mission... Hmmm... Let's try that for the ship construction...

Yes! The Fleet Manager accessible from the system right click is different from the manager of existing fleets in the main button row. Hmmm. There's my create button. So I guess the main display buttons are mostly *status* oriented, while the system right click is mostly *action* oriented. Got it.

No, that didn't do it. That's "Create Fleet from existing reserve ships with a new Admiral", not "Build New Ships". Still searching. And finally I notice on the upper left in the main system display screen, there's a button with a hex nut on it that is for building ships. Chalk it up to my lack of patience in not examining all parts of the screen.

So, I'll create an invoice (which I can favorite if I want). I'll base it on the existing Survey fleet, which has a Command and Control ship (required in all fleets, I think), 2 supply ships, and 3 Catalina class survey vessels. That should do it. They will be produced and placed into my Reserve fleet, and can then be built into a fleet by assigning them an Admiral. It'll take 11 turns to build and cost 536,000 credits. There we go.

I'm starting to see that this game moves on the scale of tens of turns rather than single turns. That's fine. I anticipate things will start to get interesting when I get modified designs from research and can start messing with the fleet manifests and ship components.

Still about 3 seconds to return from a sub screen to the main. I don't have an issue with that.

The "Build Fleet" button now flashes on the main screen to tell me a fleet is building. Nice. I think I'll advance a few turns now.

8 seconds to process turn 3 into turn 4 with 4 players. My new colony on Deneb 2b is established; I leave the sliders where they are for now (infrastructure vs terraforming, for example) and check the next message on the screen. It tells me I have a new Admiral ready for duty. My new colony does not show up on the Planet overview - the top buttons are as I thought, summaries - but checking the Fleet Overview (rather than the Fleet Manager I thought it was at first), it has one more turn to go. I assume that will transport people to the colony and finish it's setup.

Nothing new from the survey fleet. I'll forward again. Turn 5, one ship done for the new fleet. Checking my research project, I see it's now extended out to 35 turns - guess it was harder than I thought. (I did not pay attention to it's initial color, which was red, signifying it's relatively hard for my researchers, and now I'll pay for that oversight.)

Turn 6, colony fleet is still delivering Additional Support to the colony. Don't see it in the planet list yet, though. Hmmm. Ah! It's listed under it's planetary name, Deneb 2, not it's actual identity as a moon, Deneb 2b. 576 Imperials have moved in - looks like that rounds down on the main population indicators, which are probably in thousands or something. Checking the Planets list, there are some inconsistencies with what's displayed - the first subscreen I've found with an obvious bug, or what seems like one. It's not a killer, though.

Turn 7, another ship done for the invoice. Turn 8, more support for Deneb 2b, but the population has dropped to 546. (I'm ignoring my two other systems for simplicity.) Turn 9, another ship done. Turn 10, ship and 2b support. Turn 11, I check my finances - good, I've got a surplus going into savings each turn. But I think part of the screen is overlaid on another part. Second bug. Again, does not seem to interfere with play or information.

Turn 12, I've got my last new ship, so time to make the fleet. The first survey fleet has returned, too, so that's ready to go out again. Building the fleet was a bit weird. I got to select an Admiral, but it said that his fleet was an existing one. I ignored that and noticed that it gave him the CnC ship from the reserves. I placed it on the grid, then selected the other reserve ships. They transferred, but I had to get out of the the screen and back in before I could set them in the formation. Third bug, easy to deal with but annoying. New fleet created, both assigned to new missions.

And that's a few hours with no crashes, and no beating-head-on-keyboard bugs. Have not tried combat or ship design yet as my techs are not yet improved. I don't have the rhythm of the game down, but it's *massively* improved over the November release. If you've got the game, and you want to give it a shot, I'd say it's in final Beta form. That could change, but for now, I'm having fun with it. Seriously. Although I do need to download the 1.1 manual and figure out why my station is not populated.

Thanks for the information, it sounds really interesting but completely unpolished. Still at the very least it has become playable. More info would be awesome.

I would not say completely unpolished. That's probably an overstatement. What I've seen has some definite polish to it. I like in particular the way the interface has been simplified and improved.

4 more turns and it crashed, looks like it was related to the graphics engine.

True, I was probable being a bit hyperbolic. After all, show me a 4x game that doesn't have some wonkyness or odd interface/controls, and I'll show you a pig with wings.

I don't think it's ready for prime time, but it's worth messing with until they get it there.