Pencon 2012

Thanks all it was a great time. I enjoyed the familiar faces and getting to know new ones. All the games were much fun I believe Joust was my highlight for the weekend with Seasons coming in a close second.

Well I am going to go sleep now. See you in a couple days.

hi all.

sorry i couldn't make it. i got stuck with something and i didn't pick up my phone. i hope i didn't create any problems.

Good times all around! Got to try out some new games, and hover over a many more while asking questions.

Cards Against Humanity at the big table was a definite highlight. Being able to construct a winning sentence that had the judge laughing so hard they cried is hard to beat.

G+ photo album

Usual apologies for wide angle, blurry photography. Special apologies to Teneman for accidentally cutting him off in the only good shot I had for his house.

Clan Sway has made it back to NC. I'll be posting specifics over the next couple days, but the weekend was remarkable. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in organizing and hosting. Thank you to everyone who shared their games and who were passionate enough to teach them to others. Thank you to Gamers With Jobs for fostering such an amazing community of truly nice people. I've been to enough GWJ meetups to not be surprised by this, and I love seeing the first-timers welcomed and invited to take an empty seat at the table. I'm really proud to be a Goodjer, though I may never be able to bring myself to say that word aloud.

It's kind of weird now that as I read through this thread I'm picturing peoples real faces as I see their avatar. Kind of cool though

Ulairi wrote:

hi all.

sorry i couldn't make it. i got stuck with something and i didn't pick up my phone. i hope i didn't create any problems.

You should definitely make it next year. It was a great time.

Safe on the ground in Texas. Will post more after a short 30min trip back to my hotel.

Home safe, had a good nap and some dinner after my drive. Feeling good and NOT SICK.

If I can find time this week I want to write something about the rpg run. Thanks for the fun this weekend all.

All I will say for now is wow, what a great weekend. Thank you so much to everyone that had a part in making this thing a thing!

Finally got home. A few too many costly wrong turns. I think I'll be grabbing a smart phone ASAP. They supposedly have this GPS function.

I'll post more thoughts tomorrow, but for now...

Oily kicked me in the nuts.

Pencon 2012


P.S. The Ravenwood staff were great. Kenzie and Cassy (sp?), the kitchen staff + chef, and any other unmentioned's hard work and care was greatly appreciated. High-five!

It was a great time overall. Nice to meet you guys even if I was a big apprehensive at first.

I was sold on Zombiecide as a game I could get my friends to play, but just looked it up. 79 dollars on Amazon! I wasn't aware these cost so much.

I will Nth the thanks etc. comments. Was truly a blast. Had fun playing games, being goofy, but most of all just getting to meet people, put faces with names, and have 4 realz conversations instead of silly internet chat. Huge thanks to oily, the castle crew, and others for organizing this shindig. I can only hope I am able to make it next year.

I arrived home to my wife discovering that our oldest had spent her nap time finding my wife's lip gloss, smearing it all over her wall and carpet, and then going into her younger brother's room and rousing him from his much-needed nap. So....yeah, was definitely wishing Pencon was a day longer at that point.

MonoCheli wrote:

And house Rex is the winner!!

I'm happy to know that my misspent youth on the NES didn't go to waste.

Not only the most dapper, but the most deadly.

Oily, I will ride you into battle like a steed anytime, baby.

Home now, just finished putting kids down. Before I totally gloriously give in to sleep, just wanted to thank everyone who made this weekend great, both staff and friendly attendees. Go team redshirt! More later...

Back safe and sound; will post thoughts/thanks tomorrow.

Home safe, a day early, thanks to the threat of Sandy - sorry to miss out on that last day of hanging out, Steve.

Short thoughts - what an incredible time, as has been said above. Great to meet a ton of people I've been online friends with for what feels like ages, and hang out again with some old friends. Special shouts out to the IRC crew: Minarchist, SallyNasty, SixteenBlue, Cube, Phishposer, NSMike, RadicalAns; to Strangeblades and Lasher - you guys are awesome!; to the PenCon and Ravenwood staffs for the incredible job they did; to old friends and new.

Will post more details later but I and Lasherthecat had a wonderful time. Like others have said it was great to see familiar faces from Pencon 2011 (Battleshots!!!!!!!!!!!) as well as new ones such as Tangle and Kittylexy.

PS: I will post pictures as well but I am wondering if there will be a separate thread/link for that.

Fun times, the rain was not all that bad. Happy to help the house win the cup.
Artemis is space crack.

Home as well!

It has been a long extended weekend with not a lot of sleep. Thank you so much to everyone.

More later.

Would it be best to have a separate thread for pictures? That's normally the last big gasp of the annual thread (until I use it to inform people of minpencon or the next year's pencon)


I can't believe it's over. Man, so many months of planning and anticipation and now all that's left are thank-yous, pictures, and making sure forgotten stuff ends up home with the right people.

I don't know what to say, what a great time we had this year! No major issues, no complaints with the venue (a refreshing change of pace! Remember '11? Oof), everyone seemed to have fun. In fact, we probably even grew the community a little bit.

I'm so happy we had the turn-out we did, glad I finally got to place some faces to avatars. I even got to play a few games =)

Big thanks to Pyro for picking up the Joust gauntlet when rabbit couldn't make it. That game is amazing (though he also brought an assassin with him as Michelle is scary-good at it) and thankfully all injuries were relegated to bruises. Also, I think skins managed to beat capes but I didn't get a good look at the final scoreboard. And, um, I still feel bad about that thing, Cyrax =)

Ulairi wrote:

hi all.

sorry i couldn't make it. i got stuck with something and i didn't pick up my phone. i hope i didn't create any problems.

No problems caused. We were just all concerned that you were still alive.

oilypenguin wrote:

Big thanks to Pyro for picking up the Joust gauntlet when rabbit couldn't make it. That game is amazing (though he also brought an assassin with him as Michelle is scary-good at running away)

Yes, thanks Pyro! It was a blast.

LupusUmbrus wrote:

G+ photo album

Great pictures, Lupus.

Michelle is THE joust queen.

Who made the house Murdoch bathrobe!!!!!! Made my week!!!!!

Just got home safe and sound. Thanks to all staff at ravenwood castle and the Pencon staff for making an unbelievable awesome event!

Me and Mike had a great time and he now looks forward to doing the following:
1) Actually doing stuff on the forums and making an avatar
2) Coming to pencon every year from here on out cause it was the most fun he had all year!

Oh and now we are going to be doing artemis at my house and wants to know who else is running their own bridge crew so he can do "co-op" with them. Let's be honest, he wants to try pvp.

In other news, I think I might pass out now that I am home, gnite folks and thanks for the good times.

PS: I will at some point force him to draw something for pencon, dont know what yet, but something.

2nd PS: I look forward to seeing MonoCheli more now that he has unlimited internet after midnight!

rabbit wrote:

Michelle is THE joust queen.

Who made the house Murdoch bathrobe!!!!!! Made my week!!!!!

That would be Cheeto.

Oh wow, that weekend went by way too fast.

Driving 33% of the way on Wednesday broke up the drive nicely, and it gave me time to realize that Jaser had *no* idea what he had gotten himself into. Apparently he hadn't been following the forums, so when I asked if he wanted to carpool to PenguinCon, he thought I meant the Linux-themed "open approach to culture at large" convention. Why he didn't clarify that he was worried about the "BDSM - please keep the most extreme parts in your room" on the site he found, I don't know. I have to admit, I was a bit worried that I would be dragging him to a mostly board game gathering of GWJ folks when he hadn't been tracking the various threads and isn't, in general, a board game player.

Arriving around 5 on Thursday night, I was able to get a game of Cards Against Humanity started in the library after an excellent dinner with most or all of the other early arrivers. Always a good ice-breaker, we played until we had no white cards left, and that is the game with the two expansions! Things got a little fuzzy from here on out; there was just too much fun to be had to really encapsulate it in one post.

I got to teach a table of people how to play Epic Spell Wars, and a little bit of Flashpoint was played. By a little bit, I mean we could have recreated every individual fire in the blaze that burned Chicago to the ground. I finally got to play Pandemic! I was able to get in on a seven player game of 7 Wonders, and did the best I have ever done (5th place ). I not only got to see The New Science in action, but I got to have an instructional game led by one of the makers of the game - thanks again Bill! And Artemis... I suspected I would enjoy the geek-factor of it, but I was far from expecting the amount of fun I would have on each of the stations I manned. Thom, you made a hell of a game, and chatting with you for an hour or so was such a treat. You should already have my money.

The castle itself: Teneman, you have an absolute gem of a place, and you and your staff are fantastic hosts. Monochelli was tireless in running food/drink orders while teaching guests games. Kelsey was a dream come true when it came to - well, everything. She would spot a nearly done drink, and get the whole table set up with beverages more times than I can count, and she did it with a smile every time. I meant it when I said I am coming back, I just need to pick the time that I am going to do it.

And then the people...
I don't think I have ever been around so many strangers that I knew so well, or felt so comfortable around. It's always nice seeing the people I have met before: Tangle, Mono, Keldar, etc. and it is so nice to put faces and/or names to the forum icons around here. Everyone was great, really, but in particular, I want to call out:
Quixotic.June for being an absolute joy; SuperDave for bringing her and letting her fight fires/viruses with me for so much of the weekend; TrueHeart for being just as fun in person as you are in every game we have played together; BluePaladin for being a superb Artemis captain and an excellent crewmate; Jaser for sharing the drive out and back with me - play more, dammit; Keldar for convincing me to get out to PenguinCon in the first place; Teneman for putting us all up for the weekend; Monocheli for working his ass off; OilyPenguin for organizing the whole damn thing and his staff, who probably deserve all the credit for that in the first place. If I left you out, it's not because I didn't like you, it's because you beat me in a game and I hate you forever now there are just too many people to thank and my capacity for remembering whose name goes with what tag is exhausted.

Now I just have to survive a New England hurricane and pray I have power so I can get my home Artemis system up and running. Thanks again everyone!

Thanks to SallyNasty for hooking me up with a D20. I was very stoked. A small action spoke big words.
Thanks to Sway (unless there are more clans heading back to NC) for the assist with jumping my dead Blazer. I made it home great and wasn't shutting that mofo off for anything, even if I had to piss myself.

Thanks to the rest of the PenCon staff for giving your time and not needing any light shone upon you for it. I think we pulled off a good one.

Thanks to the staff and Steve of Ravenwood for knowing what customer service is about. The two ladies were great, I hope you all tipped well. Shame if not. SHAAAAAAAAME.

Great to see old faces and catch up with new life goings on and meeting new, great people as always.

Thanks to everyone for just being awesome.

toph513 wrote:

In honor of Squee9's tagging, here's what his name tag would have looked like had he been able to come (and close to what everyone else's tag actually looked like).


Those look awesome!

Also, it's great that House Rex won. My house submission that somehow got voted in, also the hosue I was assigned. I can assure you, I ate plenty of vicarious champion pretzel M&Ms this weekend.

Complex, talk to Toph513 about getting Artemis PvP going. We can probably figure something out.

mattsepter wrote:

Thanks to Sway (unless there are more clans heading back to NC) for the assist with jumping my dead Blazer.

Glad we didn't give up too soon and glad you made it. Although being stuck at a castle probably wouldn't be the worst thing.