Gurkhas are ridiculously tough. Who knew?

Yes, the title is intentionally ridiculous!

From the BBC

TL;DR version: This double black belt veteran fought off a robber armed with a knife, and held him until the Police arrived. He didn't realise that a 5" knife blade was lodged in his arm until the Police ran a metal detector over him!

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You know, upon reading this article, the first thing that comes to mind is:

These are the people we have fighting for out f**king country and yet we won't grant them citizenship but we will a whole host of "undesirables" (according to the government).... I mean, COME ON!

Oh and kitchen knives are not good for attacking with!

Duoae wrote:

Oh and kitchen knives are not good for attacking with!

Tell that to my thumb!

My buddy the other Korean gas station owner only hires Nepalese employees. He says they are honest and clean and can kick the living snail snot out of any wannabe gangbanger in Baltimore.

Thanks for the link, Duoae. I've fixed mine now. Being lazy, I used the link button, and forgot that it adds its own http.

Totally with you on the way the government treats gurkhas. It's sickening.