NFL Losers Pool Week 7

Wow. What a bloodbath week 6 was. More than half the participants were narrowly eliminated when the Raiders gave us a scare. GB, the Titans, Browns, and Giants decided to show up.

Eliminations in bold

Paleocon: Raiders
Garion: Bills
Vector: Titans
willhouse4078: Eagles
HansomB1derful: Raiders
fangblackbone: Giants
onewild: Browns
Elliottx: Raiders
Kush15: Chiefs
LeapingGnome: Cowboys
Zaque: Raiders
karmajay: Raiders
TempestBlayze: Titans
Secret Asian Man: Raiders
boogle: Cowboys
iaintgotnopants: Packers
Gumble: Giants

Now for Week 7:

Seattle plays in San Fran on Thursday. Looks like SF might be looking for redemption, but the 'hawks have a hell of a defense. This one looks like a great one for me..... to poop on.

Cards at Vikes. Yikes. The Vikes are going to play angry and the Cards are no slouch. I am sure Minnesota's defense will be making up for that 76 yard RGIII TD run hitting just about every highlight reel.

Cowboys at Panthers. The Panthers are terrible, but you never know which Romo will show up.

Saints at Bucs: Both teams have been Frankenstein this year.

Packers at Rams: Are the Packers back?

Skins at Giants: The Giants have a better team and are playing at home, but betting against RGIII this year has been like playing Russian Roulette. And this is a division game.

Ravens at Texans: The Ravens have pulled off some close ones. Actually, they have barely managed to escape defeat two weeks in a row. The Texans have to be favored here, but after the GB job, who knows?

Titans at Bills: Gotta go with the Bills here, but confidence level isn't great.

Browns at Colts: Wheedon vs. Luck. Should be a good one to watch, but a bad one to bet on.

Jets at Pats: Now this is what a winner of a loser looks like. The Pats have an answer for everything Ryan has in his bag AND they are playing in the 'Boro. That said, I don't generally bet on division games.

Jags at Raiders: Neither team looks terribly good, but the Jags look to be angling for the #1 draft pick. That and they have to travel all the way across the country.

Steelers at Bengals: I like the Bungles here. The Steelers look horrible this year and Cincy is finally coming together.

Lions at Bears: Bitter rivals. The Bears should have this one, but who knows?

I'll take the Jags and three oatmeal raisin cookies.

give me the Bengals

Gimme the saints.
I have to believe that Martin is going to run all over that defense.

Give me the Browns, they just shook off an 11-game losing streak, no signs here that they will form a winning streak any time soon................heard there was a pep talk in the locker room today about that:

Holy crap did I jynx the niners!


I'll take the Ravens to lose to the Texans




My last pick isn't in the OP, so i guess i don't count

going big with the 49ers.


Torn between the Jets and the Rams. I will take the Rams.