NCAA Basketball 2012-2013 Season Catch-All

I know this is a men's hoops thread, and I'm not going to pretend that I have a sudden interest or even watched the game, but the Cal women's basketball team beat stanfurd in maples yesterday, 67-55, ending an 81 game conference winning streak by furdettes (sorry even women's teams will get no respect from me). A streak that is actually bookended by Cal victories.

Anyways our men's hoops stink, so might as well have something to cheer about.

This thread is just titled NCAA Basketball. There's always a few mentions of women's teams, or DII and DIII teams from time to time. Was pretty cool when Bellarmine won the DII Championship in 2011 with a former Louisville assistant as head coach. Not the trophy we wanted, but a championship for the city of Louisville nonetheless.

I'm cool with talking women's basketball. For one, I have a daughter. For another, Texas A&M has one of the best women's basketball programs.

No shame talking women's basketball. I too have a daughter and Iowa State isn't too bad at WBB either. My daughter and I watched the Cal/Stanford game because my daughter was at a sports camp last summer and #33 from Cal was her instructor.

Subject change:
I know Texas is not the Texas of old, but I'll take a victory over them any day. In reference to ISU's 20 point win this past weekend.

That's cool, I celebrate all longhorn losses!

SI Power Rankings from yesterday.

A new chart instead of the Turnometer. A chart of Louisville's defense numbers on a scale from Average to Russdiculously Stingy.

Also, Kansas moved up to #2.

#10 Florida comes to Texas A&M tonight at 6pm, ESPN2.

We're undefeated in SEC play so far, but now that Kentucky is looking like a mess, this is clearly the biggest game so far. A win here would auger great things for the season.

And...down 17 at halftime.

BUT! Johnny Manziel is being interviewed at halftime!

Watching #5 Mich @ #9 Minn. Wolverines up 6 at half.

Nice road comeback victory by Kansas today. They were down 49-41 in the second half at Texas, but finished by outscoring the Longhorns 24-10 to win 64-59. It wasn't pretty, but that is some grit to pull it off on the road.

Louisville/Syracuse is turning into a hell of a game. Syracuse looking to beat a #1, up 4 points with 4 minutes to go.

Very frustrating game. Siva struggled, 1-9. Gorgui was in foul trouble and we went from up 8 to up 2 or maybe tied with him out for 5 min or so. Just when we get momentum back and up 3, the refs blow that terrible out of bounds call off Syracuse's foot and hands, and they hit a 3 to tie... so a nice 5/6 point call there. :p

Still we had our chance up 2, under a minute, and then again up 1, with the ball, and couldn't get a basket to seal the deal. Offensive execution is not our strength still. And it's only the 3rd close game we've been in. We did well against Ill. St., but failed to execute against Duke and Syracuse. UK was not a close game, despite the 3-point margin, as they scored at the buzzer to cut it from 6.

We also had a really bad exchange at the end of the half, where Syracuse got away with a nice push on the rebound, then hit a 3, and then we didn't get a shot off, that tied it up. That's been a bad trend too, not finishing halves the last couple of games.

Honestly I expected to lose to Syracuse... next month, at their place... but not today.

I'd vote Kansas the new #1, but the voters will probably go with Duke again.

Syracuse pulled out another tight one today against Cincinnati. Bearcats were up by 7 with 5 min and still up by 4 with 2 min left, but blew it.

Orange keep winning these close games and they might be very dangerous in March.

Wife called yesterday to remind me that KU was visiting K-State and be sure to be home in time to watch. Looking further I discover that the Wildcats are ranked #11 (what?). Then I find out they've hired Bruce Weber to replace Frank Martin (WHAT?!). Man, I gotta keep up better.

So, #1 goes down... and down... and down... 3 weeks in a row. Plus Mich losing it after Duke did when they were the presumptive #1 the day before a new poll. So now Kansas has their sights on it, assuming they beat OU this Sat.

Good luck Jayhakwer, and Boudreaux. It's yours to lose for a while.

Also, SI Power Rankings from yesterday, had Kansas #1 already, before the Duke loss.

Michigan may get it over KU, although I think the Jayhawks resume is slightly better. They beat OSU in Columbus, and while they didn't be KSU by as many as Michigan did, KU beat them in Manhattan.

But I don't worry too much about #1 at this point. For one, it's all about being Top 4 and getting a #1 seed. But really, the odds are, everyone will los games in conference. So even if KU gets #1, in all likelihood, someone will take them down.

Today's win over KSU makes the loss to Tech earlier this week more frustrating. I think our road play is going to hurt us when it comes to tournament time. Hopefully we can win out at home the rest of the season.

Everyone losing this week. Kansas and Mich (if they win tomorrow) should be #1 and #2, and everyone else should start outside the top 5 at 6. Nobody else looks like a top 5 team this week. Duke, Syracuse, Louisville, Arizona, Butler, Kansas St, Minnesota, all of these top 12 teams losing.

Tubby's blaming his players again for his piss poor coaching. Just like last year. And, the year before that.

Or how about #15 New Mexico coach Steve Alford saying "We weren't who we were," and blaming their offense for getting trounced by SDSU 34 - 55. With that win, I'm eager to see where we end up in the rankings after being deservedly dropped from the Top 25 last week.

Congrats (or half congrats) to Jayhawker. Kansas #1 in coaches poll, although Michigan #1 in AP poll.

Despite a rough week Louisville held on at #12/13. But it's our first time out of the top 10 this year.

Chance to start climbing back up tonight at home vs Pittsburgh.

Michigan and the Knicks playing sweet sweet basketball in the same year? What is this nonsense?

Don't worry though, Michigan's win on Saturday will cement us as the true number one.

Sigh another road loss. I guess I shouldn’t feel bad ISU hasn’t won in Stillwater since 1988, when I was in High School.


You had a shot at sole #1 if Mich lost tonight, and you let it slip?

I only saw the last 2 min or so where they made a valiant try from down 8 to down 2 but couldn't close the deal.

So I guess tonight's Mich.-Ind. game is for #1 in both polls.

Aw, man. This is what happens when I go play board games instead of watching the Jayhawks.

Yes! 70-51 destruction of Marquette.

Louisville should move back into the top 10 tomorrow.

SI weekly power rankings

Kansas still holding at 3. Louisville back in the top 10.

Some Bill Walton love on the Arizona entry.

This is quite possibly the most bizarre game I've ever seen KU play.

Boudreaux wrote:

This is quite possibly the most bizarre game I've ever seen KU play.

Yeah just seeing the scores over here and wondering wtf.

Stele wrote:
Boudreaux wrote:

This is quite possibly the most bizarre game I've ever seen KU play.

Yeah just seeing the scores over here and wondering wtf. :?

How did that happen?