Catch-all: Darkfall: Unholy Wars

krev82 wrote:

Status check; how's DF faring these days? Anyone still play?

nope, but not sure if they're still going with it. couple weeks ago got a notice they were going free for a week or so.

There's been some economy changes lately and depending how long ago you been on some significant game-play changes

Since they launched the new game all they've done is try and figure out how to get it to be balanced. Every update is the biggest, most important and super awesomesauce update that'll fix everything! To me it feels like a gigantic f*ck up over and over again. The fact they haven't gone under astounds me.

It's still the only highly functional game of it's type. Lot of big clans playing in it.

DARKFALL: RISE OF AGON is in development. What's that? A reboot of the original from another dev house that is meant to be like the original and not like Unholy Wars.

Signed up. We'll see how this goes.

The video made me giggle.

This will be interesting to see play out.

Yep, looks like Darkfall.

Edit: man, I forgot how old this game is. Their latest dev blog talks about ... converting things to 64-bit.

hehe i think the first trailer for DF was around 99 or so.