A personal announcement, emphatic thank-you, and cheers to Fedora.

Congratulations and well done to both of you. It may have nothing to do with me at all, but I'm proud to be part of a community that helps impart such strength.

My younger brother came out to us (immediate family) several years ago so I have personal, first hand knowledge of how hard this process you two are going through can be. He chose that timing because he had gotten in his first "serious" relationship and couldn't bare living a double life anymore. It made things both easier and harder for him at the time, but it has only gotten better since, and he is for a long time now fully openly gay and in a 7+ year relationship with a great guy I consider my brother in law (unfortunately, they can't get married here).

You can't expect people to accept you for who you are until you do so yourself, and you two have taken the first giant leap on the path to happiness. As others have already said, I wish we were living in a world where these types of "revelations" weren't even necessary, but we aren't there just yet. It's actions like yours, coupled with reactions like we see here that help us get there. Gratz to you both for having the courage to help make the world, and your own lives, better.

This is fantastic, for both of you! Having seen how hard it can be to get out of that period of denial and confusion, doing so is a big deal, so congratulations and I couldn't be happier for you.



Good for you guys! I'm really happy for you both.

Love is love, no matter the gender. It can be hard to find, so cherish it wherever it may be found and have the courage to not let anyone else's opinions get in the way.

This is the best place on the internet.

So many of my friends are gay it's not a "thing" to me. Actually never was, really, as I just wasn't brought up to regard sexual orientation with any sort of suspicion or fear. Love is love, that's all there is to it. It is horrible to see someone struggling with it, and I find it very hard to help them, so congratulations to you both for coming to terms with yourselves.

Coldstream wrote:

To be honest, it irritates me that this should even be an issue. Telling people that "I'm homosexual" should be about as shocking as telling people that "I have a thing for brunettes." I don't get it. I don't even think that any form of the word 'admission' should be used in this context, as it smacks of guilt. Maybe 'informing' is a better term.

That said, I know that there are enough bigots out there to make sure that it is an issue, and therefore it takes some courage to tell folks that you're homosexual. So as someone who is a member of the gay-straight alliance by virtue of being bewildered that anyone could have any issue with someone else's between one-or-more-consenting-adults sexuality, let me add my voice to the chorus of congratulations.

There is no freedom like the freedom of facing the world as one truly is and intends to be forevermore.

Our jibs. They have similar cuts.

Well done you guys for having the courage to say what's in your hearts.

Not often, but there are times when I forget what a great community GWJ is. Threads like this are a good reminder. Good on ya both! I know that we don't really know each other well on this site, but I'm so very happy that you guys are both happy.

Big up your bad selves. In the immortal words of Dr Seuss: Be who you are and say what you feel, because the people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind.

*hugs* Be who you are and let noone tell you it is wrong

Honestly, I thought this was going to be about your coming-out as an atheist to your family. But this is 1000 times more fabulous! I was already moved by your post, but that Fedora found the courage to come out because of your courageous post is... who put those onions in the airco?

I feel so proud of being a microscopic part of a community that enables people not only to buy way too many games, but also the courage to find their place in this judgmental world. Thank you all, and thank you NSmike and Fedora!


What the dog said.

Four years ago, my brother came out to our family at Thanksgiving. There was a general outpouring of support from everyone, but I think my father made me the proudest. He said that Nephi was still his son, that he still loved him absolutely, and that he still didn't have enough mashed potatoes.

You're awesome, Mike. You're allowed to be happier now.

edit: Oh, Fedora, too? Group bear hug! Love is a wonderful thing.

~A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once.

This is a saying I try to hold dear to my heart, and live by. Thank you both for exemplefying that and reminding me to do the same. Congratulations to you both.

trichy wrote:

He said that Nephi was still his son, that he still loved him absolutely, and that he still didn't have enough mashed potatoes.

Love that.

My 2¢ to SafarihatMcQuaid: I don't think we actually got to officially meet each other this weekend (at least we didn't hang out very much), but my support for you is no less for that. Good on ya.

Well done gentlemen.

Thank you both very much for sharing this with us, may you both continue to uncover happiness on this journey through life.

NSMike wrote:
bandit0013 wrote:

Ah, so you were distracted at the con, that's why I pwnd you in Mortal Kombat. :D

Yeah, I guess you could say that.

What's your excuse for losing the tournament overall, again? :-P

Scorpion teleports slower than Raiden can superman.

It's a pretty dismaying commentary on our society that coming out has to be such a brave decision, but that's how it is for most people. Congrats to you on taking that step, it has to be very liberating. And I'm sure Fedora's reading this thread also--cheers to you too.

A friend of mine agonised over coming out to us. He is the closest thing I have to a brother of my own choosing, and I honestly think he was more upset by my 'non-reaction' to his orientation than if I had of flown off the handle, or done something equally as 'expected'.

I echo the sentiments about it being a poor reflection on society, but I also appreciate it makes it no less harder a decision to undertake.

My heart felt well wishes, and support, and I hope this thread goes to show you both that there are people in this world who can love and respect each other for who they are, and not where they choose to park to love sausage (sorry, had to lighten it up, there was some of those unicorn fart sprinkles in the air).

As said before, congrats just doesn't seem enough to cover it... but CONGRATS! anyway.

Breathe. Both of you. I bet in many ways that's an easier task right now but in some ways it's still hard. I empathize completely as, as many people have noted, this is not a world where something like this comes easily and is readily accepted by everyone. I admire your courage for taking the steps you've taken and wish you nothing but the best... and I know even better times are ahead. Congrats, guys.

Also, thumbs up!

ranalin wrote:

Maybe...just maybe... you wont be so grumpy?

This @ Fedora.
I have never known NSMike to be very grumpy.

I'm happy for both of you guys!

Congratulations to both of you! I'm so happy that you guys felt you could share this with us.

You guys were both swell dudes yesterday and are still both swell dudes today. Congrats, and here's to more Pencons!

conejote wrote:

It's a pretty dismaying commentary on our society that coming out has to be such a brave decision, but that's how it is for most people. Congrats to you on taking that step, it has to be very liberating. And I'm sure Fedora's reading this thread also--cheers to you too.

It is, but I think it is useful to focus on how much better it is now. When I was an editor for my high school newspaper in the mid 80's, we published a letter to the editor about gay rights. To do so, we not only had to have a meeting of all of the editors, but we had to include the principal in the decision. He really did not want us to publish it, but we happen to be an excellent high school paper that had won a lot of national awards, and out adviser was top notch. We fully understood our rights, and had the kind of adviser that forced us to consider out responsibilities.

We chose to publish the letter. In conjunction, I produced a two-page spread on prejudice (which I won a Gold Key Award for!) and really handled the issue with the respect it deserved. In the grand scheme of things, I think it was good. In the short term, a lot of kids got bullied and beaten. The school was divided, derogatory signs were placed on the walls and drinking fountains (some fools wanted to designate some for gays). And it went beyond gay, as any kid that dressed n a punk or new wave style got targeted. It was what our principal feared, and I can't say that the event dd not have a negative effect on a lot of students ability to get an education.

The idea that my daughter can man a GSA table in her school, and have kids pledge support and sign their name to a wall just makes t really clear to me that the war is being won. She had openly gay students in her junior high school. The progress that has been made just emphasizes the notion that "it does get better."

Rubb Ed wrote:

Y'know, contrary to popular belief, when someone comes out, a unicorn does not fart glitter. Just sayin'. ;)

Not cool, man. Next thing, you're going to tell me that girls don't have panty pillow fights when they're alone together...

This is rad. I love it. One more example of how this community is so *not* about games.

Congratulations to the both of you!

So, burning question. Even though gay, when sharing a hotel bed with a friend, is the "pillow of heterosexuality" used?