Steam content windows empty

The tabbed content windows in steam are empty for me.

Is this a steam thing, or something on my end.
The banner and promotions show up, but the content tabs like "new releases", and "best selling" are empty.

Any chance any of my local settings could be affecting this, or is on steam's end?

Not just you, it does the same for me in a web-browser, logged in and out. I'd say it's probably a problem on Valve's end.


We almost died.

It was down quite a lot last night. I kept checking back as I wanted to get some xcom in but didn't want to quit my dark souls game in case I couldn't get anything to work.

These are the risks we take putting all our eggs in one basket.

I really have to wonder what's going on over there. Of Orcs and Men is almost an hour overdue at this point and they don't even have it listed in the forums yet.