FF2012: GWJFFL Week 6

garion333 wrote:

Brian Hartline is killing me, again. Worst pickup this year.

I don't get it. He has zero targets but Bess has seven even though he's covered by Finnegan.

I'm also getting killed by Tony Gonzalez not getting any looks. I figured with him being at 99 career TDs that they would have going out of their way to get him one.

I should have played Josh Freeman.

Probably the only time all year I get to say that. But damn the Chiefs are terrible, and I left 28 points on the bench. Considering my early afternoon total was only 27 with 4 other positions, that's pretty f*cking sad.

Alex Smith is my backup. I only needed him to do something THIS week. 7.5 points.

Crazy week for SF.

Bah, if Greg the Leg hits 1 of his 3 misses today I win. now I need Denver D to get a few turnovers/sacks.

TempestBlayze wrote:
tboon wrote:
TempestBlayze wrote:

Going to take a gamble and start Belial Powell this week. Shonn Greene is pretty terrible, so I hope the Jets wake up and use Powell.

cue Shonn Greene going 12/200/3




Jordy Nelson

Looks like Oldman is gonna lose to me this week in the keeper league with the second highest point total of the week. Rough.

In other news, my non-GWJ fantasy team is down by 7.7 points today with the San Diego defense left to play (nobody left to play for my opponent). Going to be a close one!!

I blew it big in Gold this week. 68 in my lineup, 93 on my bench. Only Rivers left to play.

Got scared off by Nicks and Floyd's questionable statuses and went with backup WRs.

Also had been disappointed with Fred Jackson, so the week I try something different is of course when he breaks out with a TD, and 5 receptions. He scored more fantasy points yesterday than his previous season total from the 3 games he's played.

If I had just left my lineup alone yesterday morning instead of trying to be smart...

Willis McGahee, don't screw me now.

I had a crap week in terms of scoring. I'm lucky I pulled out a win.

Holy crap, I had a sh*tty week. Really the only dumb move I made was putting in Hartline for Torrey Smith because I didn't like Smith's matchup. I was kind of right in that Smith only had two catches but one was a touchdown and Hartline ended the day with zero targets.

Jolly Bill wrote:

Looks like Oldman is gonna lose to me this week in the keeper league with the second highest point total of the week. Rough.


Sweet jeesus. All of my guys sucked this week,

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#8 The Binding of Boogle (boogle) 124.25 vs #3 International Organization of Evil (kaostheory) 122.85
#1 50 Shades of Legion (Legion_SB) 140.55 vs #4 Cobble's Last Place Team (Cobble) 129.6
#10 The Elliottx Expletives (elliottx) 135.65 vs #9 Gumbie's Dammits (Gumbie) 163.4
#11 Old Man's Depends (oldmanscene24) 105.15 vs #5 Leap's Peeps (LeapingGnome) 124.7
#12 Sylvan Slayers (cybardian) 119.5 vs #2 Karma's Gaming Grandpas (karmajay) 124.7
#7 Minaseans (mcheshier) 160.85 vs #6 The Heavies (tboon) 148.2
Highest single-week team total (regular season)
Previous: 181.45 by International Organization of Evil (4-2) in week 5
This week's highest score: 163.4 by Gumbie's Dammits (2-4)

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#5 Landshrk83's Lions (Landshrk83) 69.5 vs #1 Grump's Chumps (Grumpicus) 147.95
#7 Makisupa Policemen (Phishposer) 112.3 vs #11 Stele's 49ers (Stele) 82.4
#10 Garion's Gruntz (garion333) 126.7 vs #8 Afghan Rednecks (Bill_Bonney) 117.25
#4 Pan-demonium (ukickmydog) 139.75 vs #3 Justinbot and the Comeback Kids (justinbot) 145.25
#2 Jimmy Clausen, MVP (Iridium884) 98.75 vs #12 Gizmo's Gremlins (aetrapp) 131.9
#6 Who's Your Daddy? (Kush15) 134.7 vs #9 Bill's Jollies (Jolly) 167.75

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#3 Rabbitroids (gwjrabbit) 138.95 vs #1 TBA (iaintgotnopants) 106.45
#10 Ratatat (brouhaha) 124.85 vs #7 P.R.I.M.E. Time (Apollo0507) 137.3
#8 Jersey Leshoure (FSeven) 157.15 vs #5 Black Mesa Headcrabs (Carlbear95) 183.9
#11 Screaming Mimis (mudbunny) 108.75 vs #4 Chad Doing Ocho-to-Diez (ckozelic) 139.6
#2 Tempest (tempestblayze) 120.65 vs #9 Los Ovinos Negros (myles_1978) 92.8
#12 Bazookas (Chabuda) 124.55 vs #6 Rayguns (nightelfmohawk) 166.75

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#11 Minaseans (mcheshier) 114.15 vs #5 Team Grumpicus (Grumpicus) 128.5
#1 The Elliottx Experience (elliottx) 150.25 vs #10 Lars and the Real Homer (Laarrs_GWJ) 134.55
#8 Jeff Goldblum's Malnourished Zygote (kaostheory) 117.15 vs #7 Fresno Fog (Legion_SB) 132.85
#3 Garion's Muffin Tops (garion333) 103.55 vs #6 Mandana (ukickmydog) 106.45
#9 Travis Henry is my Dad (myles_1978) 147.6 vs #12 Landshrk83's Lagomorphs (Landshrk83) 118.45
#4 Old Man's Flaming Arthritis (oldmanscene24) 152.95 vs #2 JollyBill's Manly Men of Manliness (Jolly) 171.9

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#5 House Legion (Legion_SB) 159.6 vs #11 The Moldavian Massacre (iaintgotnopants) 126.6
#2 The Elliottx Executives (elliottx) 151.15 vs #10 The Hammock District (Iridium884) 127.05
#7 Los Gringos (Bill_Bonney) 85.15 vs #1 Grenades (Chabuda) 161.25
#3 Old Man's Dementia (oldmanscene24) 100.9 vs #6 Leapsanity (LeapingGnome) 132.1
#4 Landshrk83's Lack of Imagination (Landshrk83) 147.2 vs #8 Garion's G-String (garion333) 96.25
#12 Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers (Laarrs_GWJ) 130.5 vs #9 The Big Tebowski (FSeven) 116.4

That's ok; look, everyone's a winner! (+$2):
GWJFFLP - Old Man's Depends (2-4) 105.15
GWJFFLG - Landshrk83's Lions (3-3) 69.5
GWJFFLS - Los Ovinos Negros (2-4) 92.8
GWJFFLK - Garion's Muffin Tops (4-2) 103.55
GWJFFLD - Los Gringos (3-3) 85.15

A dollar makes me holler, honey boo boo! (+$2): Landshrk83's Lions (3-3) 69.5
Note: Rankings are listed as they were at the time of competition. New rankings will be posted in next week's thread.