A quick upgrade question

So I bought a SSD last week and intend to install it in my current computer.

I do have a few questions on how I would go about that.

Since this is to have my operating system installed on it I would imagine I would put it in the case and unplug my current drive. Then go ahead and install Windows 7 as I normally would. Next I would plug the other drives back in, arrange the boot order in the BIOS and be good to go.

If that is the right way to go the only question I have is what would I then do with the copy of Windows 7 on my old drive? Is there a way to uninstall it?

I don't want to reformat it as I do have pictures and my media on that drive.


(As a side note maybe we should have a "Help me diagnose my PC" thread like the "Help me build a PC thread"?)

Well, once you've got all the stuff you want off the drive, you can delete the Windows directory, the Program Files directory(/ies), any swap file, and any hibernation file, and you'd have most of the space back, but there will be a bunch of stuff left in the user profiles that you won't likely care about. You can copy the important data into other directories, and then delete Users, as well. That'll give you almost all of the space back.

Copying all the data you care about to another drive, reformatting, and copying back, will give you ALL the usable space, but of course you have to have enough room to store everything... and you probably wouldn't be asking this question, if you did.

Don't forget to do a full backup of everything before deleting anything, just in case. $85 for a terabyte drive for backups is cheap insurance.