Affluence and the perception thereof

Farscry wrote:

The advice to do an actual, legitimate budget is actually a good reminder that I probably should do that to get more serious about my goals, so no, I didn't take Tangle's post as a jab, but as the helpful link I assumed he meant it to be.

I took it as a jab, since it's apparently 75% off and I paid full price for it two months ago! Cruel irony!

Hypatian wrote:

Just going to point out that while this may be aimed at Farscry in particular (whose personal situation I am not familiar with), it feels to me like it carries the implication that anyone who wants to pick one nice thing in their life can have it, if only they budget for it. (Which is laughable.)

Seth wrote:

Well. It depends on what that one nice thing is.

You're both right.

Farscry seems to be in a position where he's amazed that people who make less money than him can afford things that seem luxury items to him. I was simply pointing out that they most likely spend less on luxury items across the board than he does.

My larger point was that for many people, across a wide-spectrum of incomes, things that feel unattainably expensive can be brought into reach by some merciless prioritization and strict budgeting. Clearly, there's no-one amount of budgeting that can get a minimum wage earner a stable-full of Ferraris. That would, as Hyp points out, be laughable.

I find the tough part about the budgeting is the retirement funding. I'm taking 10-15% of my salary out, sticking it in an account, and hoping Wall Street doesn't manage to screw me out of it in the decades I have to wait before I use it. The temptation to spend it in the present ln things I need/want now is quite strong.

Reading back through this thread was interesting. Sometimes I could use my own advice.

Minarchist wrote:

Reading back through this thread was interesting. Sometimes I could use my own advice. :)

Everybunny makes mistakes.

If it's your money, don't be ashamed to spend how you feel fit.

For example, I travel often with evil puppy and frankly I don't consider him a pet but rather a family member. I can afford to and do, buy him first class ticket so he can sit next to me on flights if I have to fly on a public jet. He also eats vet approved menu of combination of homemade dog food that is just basically "people" recipes with whole chicken, beef, etc that I prepare myself.

Now some people may feel it to be a waste or extravagant but I don't. I enjoy our time together, I don't have children, nor do I want any of my own, (my nieces and nephews are plenty for me to handle), and where I go, he goes. And when it comes to my family, frankly I don't mind spending on them.

Just like how I feel it's no one's business what consenting adults do together in their bedroom, I feel the same way about someone telling me how I should or should not spend my income. It's none of your business as long as I'm not spending in a way that will directly affect you (such as influencing an election, etc).

Life is short, there will always be nay-sayers. Live within your means and live like you mean it.