Random thing you love right now that doesn't deserve its own thread

Crouton wrote:


Hell yes.

Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Meat of the gods, if you killed a unicorn, this is what the meat would be.

Amen. Old Chicago has a cordon bleu calzone that is so tasty I'm now considering skipping class to hit up happy hour for it.

While I sadly lack a Chipotle here in Duluth, we have a local joint called Burrito Union. Their Fat Capitalist is a little slice of heaven.

Remington Grill's riblets

For me, it's Chocolate Flavored Animal Crackers from Stauffer's.

The cast commentary on Fellowship of the Ring. The hobbits are hilarious.

When I get a chipotle burrito I usually go for the steak, sometimes chicken. It always has to have the rice, black beans, guacamole, but I also add both the corn and mild salsa and extra cheese. That what really makes it good. For some reason it also helps to wash it down with mountain dew, just makes it better somehow.

*Legion* wrote:

Love Chipotle. My biggest problem with Chipotle is that the one closest to me is right by Pizza My Heart, and that's a battle damn near anyone would lose...


Man do I miss the Del Monte Center. I spent many a lunch at Chipotle or coming in after a movie to eat at Pizza My Heart. Good stuff.

Edit: My burrito is always a barbacoa burrito with no cheese. With some Chipotle tabasco sauce sprinkled on it. I wish we had one on the island.

OG_slinger wrote:


Sooo good.

Those are AWESOME.

My current fave?



Brennil wrote:

The cast commentary on Fellowship of the Ring. The hobbits are hilarious.

Indeed. Also, in the Return of the King video game (last gen consoles) there were unlockable video interviews with the film cast. Here's one: Hobbits on Gaming.

1) Art Deco
2) Virtua Fighter 5 over Xbox Live
3) Pickled onions

Gaald wrote:

Awesome Sauce

Oh no you didn't.

Learning Go strategy and tactics. I like learning new board games a lot more than getting better at old ones. Anyone play? PM me.

my random (reintroduced) love: NannyMud (Telnet link)
I logged back on after a 2k+ day absence... ah the memories it brought back.

Mixolyde wrote:

Learning Go strategy and tactics. I like learning new board games a lot more than getting better at old ones. Anyone play? PM me.

Fixed that for you, you need to us %5F for the underscores, and %28 and %29 for the ( and ) respectavly.


Montalban wrote:


Oh yes indeed!

I...I've never been to Chipolte. I don't think I've ever seen one.

As mentioned on Penny Arcade, Street Fighter Rock Opera.

MySpace page.


My weeks holiday in Greece.

Great food
Friendly people
Warm (mostly) Mediterranean waters
Gorgeous beaches
People who drive like they've never had a driving lesson
Lazy mornings and leisurely breakfasts
Reading a great book (Waterloo: A near run thing - David Howarth)
and a few ancient ruins (so we feel like we've done something cultural)

There is a Chipotle coming in about half an hour from here (and five minutes from my dad's house)... OMG HELL YEAH!

Before this, I've only ever been to the one in Rosemont near O'Hare. It's going to be so awesome to have one here finally!

Last Week:

Getting Hitched

Joining a lounge act

The hokey pokey

And getting to see the space shuttle

Watching my boy jump in his first leaf piles on a gorgeous fall afternoon.

Bloody Mary
Extra Strong, Extra Spicy

Would you like some dressing with that?

Left Hand Milk Stout


Last Week:

Getting Hitched

Congrats dude! I wouldn't tell the missus that it didn't deserve it's own thread though.

MaxShrek wrote:


I never got to try that. I love the Cherry 7 Up. Went to pick up the Pomegranate 7 Up for a party and they'd stopped selling it.





Will be a suitable substitution