Random thing you love right now that doesn't deserve its own thread

If the scale is piezo-electric, check the batteries too. That's what they do when the batteries start to go.

Taskmaster season 14 and these exquisite outtakes.

Curling season has begun again and that's pretty cool.

My youngest kid turned one! I took the day off work (much to the chagrin of the only person at work I dislike), and the whole family spent the day by the river so he could splash in the water and dig in sand to his hearts content. He had a blast, which meant I had a blast.

Just discovered Grandaddy did a piano version of The Sophtware Slump

Last minute cancelation of stupid work thing I couldn't find anyone to cover for me thus allowing my wife and I to enjoy our anniversary weekend without me having to go into work for a couple of hours in the middle of it.

Rykin wrote:

Last minute cancelation of stupid work thing I couldn't find anyone to cover for me thus allowing my wife and I to enjoy our anniversary weekend without me having to go into work for a couple of hours in the middle of it.

Oh No! Anyways more romantic gestures my love?

My love today is Pokemon cards.

I used to play a lot of the GBC Pokemon TCG and dipped my toes into competitive playing years ago, but stopped when my local shop shut down. The recent boom in collecting honestly turned me off the hobby. I hate seeing the absurd prices and people gambling on multiple booster boxes just to cage up a card in PSA-graded plastic so it can never be played (I understand the collection side, but I ultimately see it as a game first and foremost).

But I've been dipping back in at this lovely new game shop which has such positive and player-focused vibes. Super chill place and I always try to buy at least one thing when I use their tables to play games. I ended up with 3 boosters and hit the jackpot. Fancy foil, full arts and an expensive golden card! (I was just about to buy a non-foil/non-gold version for $3, but I'll happily use the $50 version since it's so pretty )

I almost exclusively buy singles for any deck I want to play and prefer to avoid gambling. But hey this made me feel good and I'm choosing to just soak up the nostalgic feeling of ripping into those little foil packages and pulling out bright fun cards. It took me back to my childhood when I opened my first holofoil card ever, a base set Flareon <3. Might be t he last packs I open for a while, but damn it was a lucky and pleasant haul.


Double post!

I really loved my first foray into teaching at university. Very much a trial by fire as I had zero training (but great friends who advised me). I'm quite anxious and struggle to give the usual 10-15 minute research presentations so I was so nervous I checked myself into therapy to get some help. While there were some things to loathe, I've grown a lot from taking on this challenge and am so incredibly glad I did. I was able to check out of therapy after 4 weeks of teaching because it was going pretty smoothly!

I'm still a bit nervous getting up in front of the larger groups, but my online classes are so easy for me now! It was true what a lot of my friends said. They told me I'd naturally be nervous, but after going through 4 years + extra of university, I'd be at a totally different level to the students and would be able to help them just fine. Turns out they were right, and a lot of the questions they'd have were stuff that just comes from experience in my field.

I was nervous that I wasn't doing a good enough job, but near the end of the semester I was receiving emails like this.


and this


The first was extra touching because I know this student has a big facebook group chat for this particular class and is generally the one to bring questions from the group to me. I even confided in some students that stayed after class that it was my first time teaching and they told me I must be lying! They're really sweet and have lifted my confidence so much

My last classes are this week and, while I'm not thrilled to teach this topic again (see other thread), I can't wait to do more teaching in the future. I've got a foot in the door teaching biopsychology so I'll likely stick with that next year!

Thank your for teaching! All teachers are heroes.

I've been deep in the hardcore A Link to the Past Randomizer speedrun racing community for years now. It's a ROM hack for the 1992 SNES game that randomizes the item locations (according to an algorithm that ensures that the game is completable) for infinite replayability, and there's a huge, active community constantly developing new modes and organizing speedrun races through the randomized game.

My 7-year-old nephew expressed an interest in learning the game, so I sat him down with the vanilla game, but he quickly became frustrated, taking a lot of deaths in that very first castle escape sequence. So I set him up with an infinite life cheat and told him to just play and have fun.

Even with infinite health, he ran into a couple of difficulty spikes; this guy, for example, isn't really any easier with infinite health than without:


But he kept at it, and he beat the game, and I half-jokingly said, "cool, now you have to beat it without cheats." He took me seriously, though, and went back to the vanilla no-cheats game and blew past the first couple dungeons now that he was more comfortable with the controls and game systems.

He got stuck again, though, this time on the first Dark World dungeon, which is a pretty big difficulty spike. I showed him where to pick up some safety items (fairy bottles, pieces of heart, etc) so that he could go back to it better-equipped, but he was still stuck. I figured this time he was sure to get bored and move on to a new obsession.

Instead, he found a different way to approach the game. He knew that I was a speedrunner, so he started timing his runs from the beginning of the game to the Master Sword pedestal pull (right before the difficulty spike that was giving him trouble) and trying to beat his best time. He showed me one of his runs, and he was approaching it systematically, like any other speedrunner would. He didn't know all the advanced tech and glitches that I did, but he had a strategy for each room that he could pull off consistently, and he knew which rooms were scripted and which had an RNG element that might need a few different strategies.

Eventually he got bored of that and went back to trying to progress in the game, and he'd gotten enough reps in that he got past his stumbling block. Late one night I get a call on my cell phone from my sister's number. I answer in a bleary panic: my sister might text me this late, but she wouldn't call me unless it was an emergency.

I hear my nephew's excited voice. "Uncle Ben! I did it! I beat the big blue pig! No cheats!"


He knew that I was the only person who would understand what an accomplishment it was. His parents might have humored him, and his brother and sister wouldn't even pretend to care, but Uncle Ben would. I congratulated him and went back to sleep thinking, "now he can say he's done it. Surely now he'll get bored and move on to his next obsession."

Instead, he came over for dinner three days later and told me, "Uncle Ben, I beat the game again." Pregnant pause. "Five more times. Will you show me how to work the randomizer?"

That was two weeks ago, and he's been meticulously working his way through his first randomized run, mostly playing while I'm at work, but every couple days he'll come visit me and show me his progress and ask for help if he finds himself stuck. He's also found some YouTube tutorials to teach him tech, and is pulling off tricks that I didn't think a 7-year-old would have the fine motor control to pull off or the patience to master.

Typing this from work; I helped him get through another roadblock this morning, and he just needs to find one more randomized item (the medallion to unlock Turtle Rock, the penultimate dungeon in the vanilla game) before he is in "Go Mode" and just has to enter the final dungeon, climb to the top, and defeat Ganon to finish his first seed. I keep expecting my cell phone to ring any minute with news that he's done it; or maybe he'll get stuck again and need his Uncle Ben's help one more time, but either way, he's close.

I no longer think that he'll get bored and move along to his next obsession. I think he might be as stuck into this silly game as his Uncle Ben is.

Like a lot of seven-year-olds, he has trouble with emotional regulation. In the early going, he would get frustrated and throw temper tantrums when he ran up against a difficulty spike. When that happened, I would tell him, "put down the controller, turn off the screen, do something else for a while and come back to it when you're calm. I've played against some of the best in the world..." (this is not an exaggeration; the one tie I have on my competitive record is against the person who won the championship in this year's big annual community tournament) "...and no matter how good you get, you'll still take a bad death sometimes."

Months later, and he no longer needs me to prompt him to take a break and calm himself down when he gets frustrated. No tears, no controller throwing, no screaming. Instead, when he takes a death he didn't expect or can't seem to pull off some piece of tech, he repeats to himself in a calm voice, "that could happen to anyone." He's also picked up an Uncle Ben-ism that I don't think I ever taught him, but I often find myself repeating to myself when I get frustrated: "C'est la vie." Nobody will ever ask him what his best Link to the Past speedrun time is in a college application or a job interview, but those emotional regulation skills will stay with him for the rest of his life.

What a great game. What a great kid.

Fantastic! Such a great game, but nice that it's helping in a lot of ways.

That is a great story and it really encapsulates what I love about speedrunning and randomizers.

That is really cool, thanks for sharing and what a great relationship you have with your nephew.

hbi2k, do these cheats work in the RetroArch for Android emulator? Asking for an old man who never beat LttP and is too old to begin the training.

I actually had him using LTTPHack, a hacked version with a menu that lets you change your equipment loadout, refill health and other consumables, hop around to different parts of the game, and a LOT of other stuff. Speedrunners use it to practice tech.

It's based on the Japanese version of the game, so the text is also in Japanese. A better option if you don't have your favorite uncle sitting there telling you, "he's saying you need to go to the Eastern Palace now, I'll show you where that is" would probably be to use a Game Genie style cheat in Retroarch . Pretty sure the guy in that tutorial is using the Windows version of Retroarch but it should be the same basic process on any platform.

Please tell me you're using physical controls, though. Virtual controls on a touchscreen make Miyamoto cry.

I forgot how bad touch controls would be for that game, even with cheats. I will check out the windows stuff. Thanks!

r/murderbuns - I can’t help but ”aaaaw” at the cuteness overload

polypusher wrote:
NSMike wrote:

They must be. I've only been here for a few months.

Something else to love - the latest Taskmaster episode.

I was excited for Dara and Sarah, but I didn't think it'd be this good.

How are you watching these? We got the Taskmaster streaming service but it's still really far behind, just about to do series 11 I think.

There are a bunch of series up on YouTube (the official Taskmaster channel), looks like up to 11.

Clumber wrote:

r/murderbuns - I can’t help but ”aaaaw” at the cuteness overload

Consider posting that over here.




I found a fantastic ambient music channel on YouTube called Ambient Worlds. They’ve got Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter just to name a few. I haven’t been very happy with the choices for ambient music on Apple Music, but these are right up my alley. Now to figure out how to export these to mp3.


PaladinTom wrote:

I found a fantastic ambient music channel on YouTube called Ambient Worlds. They’ve got Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter just to name a few. I haven’t been very happy with the choices for ambient music on Apple Music, but these are right up my alley. Now to figure out how to export these to mp3.


Thanks for sharing. Subscribed!

So, I just got out of the Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla movie. Not my favorite by any means but damn was it a fun ride! Made in 2002 as part of the Millennium era it has more CGI than previous eras, but at its core it's a couple of guys in rubber suits running into each other. I realized as it was starting the I've never seen any Godzilla movie in the theaters that wasn't completely CGI. Even though I started watching in the mid '80s I'd never had a chance to see any of my favorites or (at the time) new stuff growing up and never been to see any classic features in a theater. So it was AWESOME! Lots of heroic shots of military people making scared or determined faces up and to the left of the screen, laser weapons that were both futuristic and ineffective, and a child running around getting lines for no real reason. Classic Godzilla. I'll have to look out for this next year.

If I give someone’s painting a particularly nice compliment in an art group I run just about everyone else in the group will say, “WhooooOOOOOooooo!”

I don’t know if there’s a Roku thread, but I just watched Weird: The Al Yankovic Story and OMG, what a weird wild ride.

Even the trailer looks crazy. Much different than I expected.

I think there's a curtain subset of people who will find it absolutely hilarious, and I fall in that subset.

One of my favorite parts was trying to pick out all the guests at Dr. Demento's party


For example, seeing Elvira and Frank Zappa just casually chatting with each other in the background.

Tscott wrote:

I don’t know if there’s a Roku thread, but I just watched Weird: The Al Yankovic Story and OMG, what a weird wild ride.

Oh, I assumed a Roku subscription was needed to watch that, but it's just plainly available for streaming on the site - I didn't even have to create a login. Wild! I assume it must have ads scattered around during the show, but for a one-off I can probably tolerate it.

I'm a huge Weird Al fan. Definitely looking forward to it.

Yeah, I only got a couple ads while watching. I didn't find it too obtrusive. There were other places where I thought an ad would appear, but then moved on to the next scene. I had to download the app to my firecube, but didn't have to create an account/log in to watch.

The moment Weird Al realized Daniel Radcliffe was his man: