Random thing you love right now that doesn't deserve its own thread

lunchbox12682 wrote:

For my test, it was a pleasant Spring day and my dad let me use his convertible to take the test. So the tester was in a good mood and that car was easy to maneuver and see around.

I wish I could have taken my test in my first car (a 1985 Pontiac Grand Am LE with the sport package), but it would not have been able to pass the inspection prior to the test (it didn't have a working speedometer among other things, the perfect car for a new driver right?!?!?!). Instead I got to take my test in a 1976 Dodge Aspen 4 door like this one:


Which was only slightly better than my other choice which was a 1982 Ford LTD (which handled like a battleship I imagine).

Oh snap! One of my most favorite podcasts just referenced another of my most favorite podcast. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast got an email asking them about something which was covered in the Behind the Bastards podcast. It was about excited delirium.

Steve from SGU covered the excited delirium email. I don’t think he listened to the BtB podcast on the topic. I think Steve did his own independent dive into what excited delirium is. His presentation was very clinical, which is a good thing. He even hit upon the misuse of the term by the police as an excuse for killing unarmed citizens.

A detail that was covered in BtB that Steve didn’t touch on was all of the medical quackery and corruption involved in trying to make excited delirium a legitimate medical condition. I realize that Steve wasn’t doing a deep-dive and therefore couldn’t possibly cover everything that Robert covered, but these are important details to point out when examining the issue with a skeptical lens.

NSMike wrote:

There was a story flying around my high school about an instructor at the local DMV testing site. They nicknamed him "Blackbeard," and said he failed just about everyone. I was almost 18 by the time I decided I wanted to try for my license, but all the Blackbeard stories had me nervous, so I convinced my mom to take me to the testing site an extra 30 minutes away.

I love this! Awesome urban legend!

For my class A three years ago, I had a trainer who loved to scream at the trainees for making small mistakes. A friend told me about how this guy screamed at him for crossing an unbroken double yellow island when making a particular left turn into a driveway. When he was on car with me one time, he asked me to turn left at that very same spot. I made sure that I didn’t cross the unbroken part of the line. The whole time he was screaming, “GET IN THE CENTER LANE NOW YOURE GOING TO MISS THE TURN!” I was just laughing. Once I was past the driveway I looked straight at him with a sh*t eating grin and said, “If I’d turned where you told me I would’ve crossed the double yellow.” He didn’t know what to say.

I passed on the third try. When the instructor told me I’d passed I really wanted to say,”Are you completely sure?” Felt like he was making a mistake. He wasn’t.

When I was a teen getting my class C I failed my first try. I was told that I was driving too slow. I really didn’t think I was. I passed on my second try. At the end of the test the proctor said, “You did everything right, so I’m going to pass you, but I have to ask; why were you driving so fast?” I told him about the first test.

I wasn’t speeding, but I did stomp on the accelerator to get up to the speed limit as quickly as possible. I thought he was going to fail me. I was trying to prove a point by being a smart ass.

Do I need to have kids to get this?



I ENABLE YOU! There. You have been enabled. Go buy that awesome toy, SUCKA’!

Niiiiiice! Thanks, Rawk!


I've been using an email app called Spark. One silly feature I love is that it pulls favicons for emails which not only makes it more attractive, but it also makes it so much easier to quickly scan a list of new emails for something I may be interested in.

It also allows sorting and bulk deleting of marketing emails which is the real killer feature. Gmail doesn't allow this on mobile. RIP Inbox!

I like this app so much it is part of the reason I've switched back to using my MacBook as my main desktop pc. (Although I do most of my "normal" computing nowadays on my iPad. Can't wait until I can dock my iPad and get a desktop like experience.)

Seana and I finally had time to get married after nearly four awesome years together!



Suck it once in a lifetime pandemics. We had 6 vaccinated friends over to our house and got married in our backyard at the coast in Newport, OR. It was perfect. Had our professional documentary videographer friend film the whole thing to share with family. Really happy.

You two look really happy. Congratulations!

Congratulations! So happy for you both!

Congrats buddy. Hopefully I'll make it cross country to visit again sometime

Stele wrote:

Congrats buddy. Hopefully I'll make it cross country to visit again sometime

We are super set up for visitors with our now finished guest room.

All the congrats!!!!

Many, many congratulations!

tuffalobuffalo wrote:

Seana and I finally had time to get married after nearly four awesome years together!

"Random thing you love right now" is a weird way to refer to your new spouse, but it's 2021, I ain't gonna judge.

Congratz Tuffalo! Lovely photos.

DUDE!! TUFF!! I’m so happy for you. Did you get married in the Japanese Breakfast shirt?

Congratulations! So happy for you!


Congratulations! So much happiness and love streaming out of those photos. Love it.

Thanks all!

RawkGWJ wrote:

DUDE!! TUFF!! I’m so happy for you. Did you get married in the Japanese Breakfast shirt?

Na. Those photos are from a couple days after.


So happy to see this Tuff! Best to you and Mrs. Buffalo.


Thanks again, all.