Random thing you love right now that doesn't deserve its own thread

Antichulius wrote:

My 7yo daughter has a strong fear of getting water in her ears during baths or swimming. It’s been a struggle for a long time, but today, I finally convinced her to try some ear plugs, and she was able to get her head under water for the first time and loved it! Her bath was suddenly twice as long she kept wanting to go under. So proud of her right now!

Oooh! And summer is basically here, so next stop... THE SWIMMING POOL!!

Word is getting passed that SECDEF and SECNAV have directed that most COVID-related restrictions be lifted on active-duty military of all branches who have been fully vaccinated. Gotta say that after the last six months of watching the USAF and Marines dining in restaurants and hanging out on beaches, it will be nice to actually be able to sit down to a meal inside a restaurant for once.

I also suspect that "vaccine hesitancy" is going to suddenly get much less common in the active-duty Navy population.

I've been reading Imgur for a few years now, but only recently started diving into UserSub and commenting. Checked this morning and I had a notification - I had the top comment on Imgur yesterday! I know it's just silly Internet points, but I was gobsmacked. There are a lot of people commenting on Imgur...

Don't forget to link to your SoundCloud!

This is my Paternity Leave vibe:


I've had ear problems my entire life- aches, infections, clogs, surgery. As annoying as this stuff is, cleaning and maintenance with hydrogen peroxide is oddly pleasant.

First time since the covid mess happened we were able to have a family get together.

Much smaller then it would be normally but I didn't realized how much I missed this.

We were able to give my 3y/o an awesome birthday. She's the best, and making her feel like she's the best also makes me feel like the best. Everything's the best!

I am new to working on a car. I've spent literally hours trying to thread a transmission cooler line into a new radiator and it just will not attach. The threads are clean and intact, I feel like it's just a matter of getting exactly the right angle, and since the lines are steel they're kinda sitting at whatever angle they feel like sitting at. And of course the bottom one is the one being the problem, so I have to do everything bent over at 90 degrees while reaching towards the bottom of the engine bay.

Posting in the love thread because this is a pretty cool problem to have and I'm having fun.

I can’t go in the Star Wars to thread due to Bad Batch spoilers so I’m posting here. I was inspired to re-watch season six of Clone Wars to get ready for Bad Batch. Some of the season six episodes dove tail with Bad Batch. Or rather season six leads into the much delayed season seven where Bad Batch is first introduced.


I just want a Kit Fisto spin-off series where he does Jedi stuff but also plays in a reggae band.


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One sec, I have a DeviantArt search to make it a private browser tab.

Mixolyde wrote:

I just want a Kit Fisto spin-off series where he does Jedi stuff but also plays in a reggae band.

...underwater... WITH AQUAMAN!! Oh yeah and Mon Calamari is the bass player but it’s some weird improbable Star Wars bass. But their reggae band only plays underwater gigs. So there must be some underwater PA system, which is plausible.