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Congrats! May your honeymoon period last sixty years.

Congrats bubs! Super exciting!

Congratulations Bubs!



Nice! Congrats man. Enjoy the ride


Early last week Keaton, my oldest, was practicing a song (piano) at the rec center here when he was approached by a kind old man in his 80's. The man was wiping tears from his eyes, and said the music and the way my son played it moved him. He introduced himself as Pastor Robert, and asked if Keaton could possibly play it this Sunday for the weekly church service held for the RVers who stay here. He accepted.

On Friday, Keaton met up with Pastor Robert to discuss the particulars. During their meeting, Robert discussed how several of the annuals (folks who pay to stay here year round) wanted him to preach about sin and salvation. He said he normally preached about loving one another, and talked about how nervous he was as he was going to have to twist what he was asked for into something that might not be what those folks were expecting. Keaton relayed this to me in a matter of fact way along with that the meeting went well.

Sunday arrived, and Keaton went into the service well practiced without any sign of nerves. After Pastor Robert gave a rousing sermon which stressed salvation and love for all regardless of who they are or what they believe, Keaton finished the service with his song. Nearly everyone present lined up afterward to talk with this "young man who was so talented that he played this song from memory, and with such feeling!"

The song was a piano rendition Keaton made of this one...

My son, a trans agnostic kid, played this song, which many trans kids identify with, for these people - some of whom would judge him harshly for being who he is. These people (maybe even Pastor Robert) would be shocked to hear the lyrics and understand whom the song was coming from a little better. Still, he chose to play it without fear simply because someone else heard the beauty of the music and asked if he could share it.

Proud dad here. So proud.

I really like that song, and the story does it justice. Spread the faith!

You should be proud and so should Keaton. That's a really nice song and now shares a nice story. Thanks for sharing.

I visited my campus for orientation despite opting to study online. It's a 2.5 hour trip to the university, but I figured as a once-off I'd go and check it out. It's gorgeous. It's in a fairly large building in the middle of sydney's CBD. The main study rooms and library are on the 12th floor, with an amazing view over the park and into the harbour.

It really inspires study. I have no doubt I'll take the trip up a few times each semester to spend the day studying in the library. Plus, my favourite ramen restaurant is nearby, and we have literally zero good ramen shops around here so it's well worth the trip up.

I officially start tomorrow! Nervous as hell, I need to score 80+ throughout all of my subjects to have a chance at honours. BUT I'VE GOT THIS.

(Edit: Oh, and I turned a loathe into a love. My textbook list this semester was upwards of $600. I got that down to $200 with some clever shopping around/googling for ebooks. Winning!)

This RPS article on the best space games is good, but I'm only interested in cockpit view, so I googled "space games with cockpit views" and of course the first answer came from Veloxi.

Google must be malfunctioning. The first *page* of results should be Veloxi.

BadKen wrote:

Google must be malfunctioning. The first *page* of results should be Veloxi.

Someone who wasn't Veloxi mentioned in that subreddit post a game called Starshatter that I hadn't heard about it. I went to the Wikipedia page to see how to download it, and the reference I clicked on linked to Veloxi.

All space roads lead to Veloxi.

All hail Veloxitoad


Surprise love:

Wow, the Switch is a fantastic platform for arcade games. I have some SHMUPS (I love that I can rotate the screen and play it vertical), and playing Metal Slug on the train is just AWESOME. Plus, at $10, it's a steal. My first run through Metal Slug 3 ended on 63 continues -- That's like 15 cents per continue. Bargain!

(Don't laugh at me, I'm trash at Metal Slug)

The Video Game Erotica Twitter Bot is the best worst thing.

Ian pressed a long, lingering kiss on her extended wrist, the hitch in her breath at the touch a reward in itself. He whispered his words to her skin. "How do I enable the mini-map?"
"Gregory?" His name pulled him from his reverie. "What now?"

He met her smoldering blue eyes. "A weapon to surpass Metal Gear."

"Daniel, I..."

"Tell me," he whispered harshly. He needed to know.

"All games are political."

His gaze was on her, intent and unmoving and, while he had not moved, it seemed as though he had grown larger, more looming. "How can I make this night more satisfying for you, my lady?"

The soft question set her heart racing. "Do a barrel-roll!"

Duolingo today told me that I now know 157 words in Spanish. Not bad for 10-20 minutes a day for a couple months. I'm trying to do all the extra stuff that helps with retention, too - repeating lessons, practicing at night, etc. I still get pretty lost trying to follow "beginner" Spanish language podcasts, though.

I read an article that said Duolingo is BS, but the main point there was that relying *only* on Duolingo won't teach you how to converse in a language. You need practice. I keep trying even though I don't understand half of what I'm hearing. The slice of Spanish I can understand right now is pretty narrow.

Muy bueno senor.

pyxistyx wrote:

The Video Game Erotica Twitter Bot is the best worst thing.

These are pretty good, I wonder what phrase banks this thing pulls from.

Skiptron wrote:
pyxistyx wrote:

The Video Game Erotica Twitter Bot is the best worst thing.

These are pretty good, I wonder what phrase banks this thing pulls from.

Reddit and AO3 are my bets.


Hell yeah.

Remember that sweet ultra-wide cabinet Taito released at the arcades a while ago? Being able to play it over 2 screens at home is just as amazing as you'd expect. So good!

Good to see the school books being put to their intended purpose!

Finally getting my money's worth

(Those are previous sessions books, the disgusting stack to the left is my current pile!)

Hell, it probably does deserve it's own thread, but I woke up this morning to find out about the Space-X launch and I'm currently streaming the live stream of that Tesla in orbit. I'm so happy, both about the prospects for the future, and because my species (Team f*ck It Hold My Beer) has launched a car into space driven by a crash test dummy, with the words Don't Panic on the dash. Not only that, but the follow on debate is between sending two people on a joy-ride around the moon, or heading to Mars to see if we can amuse ourselves there.

What a time!

I love that SpaceX has put out this video:

Edit: Note to self: be happy, or at least shut up.

My toxic coworker/teammate is gone! Fired today. Only about a year overdue. Only two people left on the team of four now, but we're close to filling one position and if no one new applies for the second, we may get both filled rather quick.

Holy sh*t, I get to go to work tomorrow and not deal with her... that feels like kind of a luxury at this point. O_o

ClockworkHouse wrote:

Edit: Note to self: be happy, or at least shut up.

Is it safe to assume that translates to: If you can't properly clock it, let it be?